Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 Starts Filming in Los Angeles in February

The second season of NBC’s sitcom ‘Lopez vs Lopez‘ is all set to commence filming in Los Angeles, California, in February. Debby Wolfe, who co-created the series with lead performers George Lopez and Mayan Lopez, serves as the showrunner of the sophomore installment.

In the final episodes of the first season, Don returns to town, raising concerns about dragging George back into a life of vices. Chance learns the meaning of “godfather” from Oscar, adding a touch of humor to the mix. George and Rosie resort to asking a TV judge to resolve their dispute, showcasing the quirky dynamics within the family. Meanwhile, Mayan and Quinten take a step into cultural exploration by enrolling Chance in folklórico dance classes. However, Mayan’s challenges extend beyond the family as she feels harassed by another Latina mom in a mom’s group from Chance’s school. Rosie presents a significant moving job for Lop-E-Z Movers, leading to George working alongside an old rival. The season crescendos with Mayan holding an intervention as George’s drinking tests her patience and lands him in the hospital.

While specific details about the plot of the sophomore installment are still under wraps, the finale of season 1, titled ‘Lopez vs Last Call,’ didn’t follow the typical sitcom pattern of returning to the status quo. Instead, it addresses significant character beats that have been building up throughout the installment, setting the stage for the upcoming season. With Mayan confronting her father’s problematic behavior, particularly his drinking, the second installment is poised to delve deeper into their complex father-daughter relationship. Beyond the usual antics, the viewers can anticipate meaningful developments that may significantly impact the dynamics between George and Mayan.

Expect minimal changes in the cast of ‘Lopez vs Lopez’ season 2. George Lopez will naturally resume his leading role as George, accompanied by his real-life daughter Mayan Lopez returning as Mayan. The supporting cast members, including Matt Shively as Quinten, Brice Gonzalez as Chance, Selenis Leyva as Rosie, and Al Madrigal as Oscar, play pivotal roles in anchoring the first season, and their continued presence is crucial for the show’s success.

The show is a production of Universal Television in association with Mohawk Productions, Travieso Productions, Mi Vida Loba, and 3 Arts. Like the first season, the shooting of the second installment is set to take place in Los Angeles, the iconic locale that previously hosted the filming of Netflix’s ‘Griselda‘ and ‘The Brothers Sun.

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