Louis Russell From THTH: Here’s All We Know About the Contestant

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating reality show with a uniquely exciting concept. Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, the series is known for its engaging cast members that never fail to keep the audience hooked thanks to their on-screen performance. Season 5’s Louis Russell quickly became one of the most talked about people featured in the show due to his popularity among the women who starred alongside him. If you are one of his many admirers and are eager to learn more about the reality TV star, worry not because we are here to share everything we know about him!

Louis Russell’s Childhood and Family Ties in England

Having been born sometime in 2001, Louis is a private man who is about 22 as of writing. He grew up in Hampshire, England, and is apparently close to his family. When not working hard, the reality TV star enjoys the company of his friends and is always up for going out and living life to the fullest. Additionally, Louis seems interested in various physical activities like football, boxing, wall-climbing, cycling, etc. The reality TV star likes to keep in shape and is inclined towards music. One of Louis’s primary interests is traveling; he even visited Greece in August 2021.

Louis Russell’s Professional Journey

Louis was apparently only 17 when he resolved to enter the world of traveling. Since then, he has certainly made some significant progress in the department. In fact, the reality TV star soon became an official model for Asos and has since appeared in multiple ads for the company. In September 2021, Louis shared his excitement about landing his first ever “big campaign,” thanks to an assignment from Jack Wills. Over the years, he has had multiple opportunities to work alongside brands like ASICS Sportstyle. As of writing, he is affiliated with Forte Model Management. Thanks to his modeling work and reality TV appearance, Louis has over 60K Instagram followers and a TikTok fanbase of over 152K.

Inside Louis Russell’s Dating Life

As of writing, Louis Russell has not shared any updates regarding his love life after participating in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5. The reality TV star seemingly started dating Ella Rose on March 15, 2018, though he has kept the details of that relationship private. That being said, Louis’ time on the Netflix show was undoubtedly full of ups and downs as he attracted much attention thanks to his good looks. In fact, at the very start, he was approached by Megan Thompson, Christine Obanor, and Hannah Brooke in quick succession since they all wanted him to be their bed partner.

During their first night in the experiment, Louis chose to sleep in the same bed as Hannah, and while Megan decided to give up on him, Christine was determined to turn the tables around. If anything, learning that Louis and Hannah had shared multiple kisses only pushed her forward, and she invited him alone to a beach, where she asked to become her bed partner, sealing the deal with a kiss. Needless to say, there was much drama surrounding this particular incident, especially since Louis also kissed Hannah later the same night.

Since Louis did not come clean on his own, he was forced to share everything after Lana’s revelations. Now on the wrong side of both Hannah and Christine, he decided to take a chance and pursue things with Christine while ending things off with Hannah. However, it was not long before Christine had to go on a date with Trey, a new arrival, which threw Louis off. Whether or not Louis is in a relationship with Christine, as of writing, is something that the reality TV star has not shared.

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