Miriam Amah: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ has been entertaining viewers since it first aired thanks to its unique premise and never-ending drama. While the couples featured in the reality show often are the primary subject of focus, there have also been many singles who have effortlessly captured the attention of the viewers. For example, Miriam Amah from the recently released season 5 of the show became a fan-favorite thanks to her brief but undoubtedly impactful presence in the series. For those curious about what Miriam has been up to these days, we have your back!

Miriam’s Love is Blind Journey

Seen first in season 5 of the reality show at the age of 32, Miriam Amah’s primary objective to be on the show was to hopefully form a connection with someone based solely on her personality and emotions. While it does not seem like Miriam found her future spouse through the social experiment, her date with Uche Okoroha did catch the attention of the viewers, who were slightly baffled about exactly what she was saying while talking about her personal and professional lives.

Though born in Nigeria, Miriam explained that she came to the USA in order to pursue her medical degree. However, while explaining the same, she added that she had switched to chemistry, claiming that she was now a scientist. A bit confused, Uche asked Miriam exactly what kind of scientist she was, to which she stated she had “worked in different industries.” Following this, Uche wondered about where Mriam was working at the time.

Upon being inquired further, Miriam claimed that she was pursuing academies overseas, in the Middle East. She then claimed that she had plans to move back to Houston, Texas, very soon. In fact, she stated that the timeframe of her move was about a few weeks, but then later admitted that she was already back in the Texan city. Additionally, Miriam claimed that she has a skincare business, but when Uche wondered if it was related to dermatology, she disagreed, claiming her products had a “distinct composition.”

This particular conversation was addressed by Uche when he got into an argument with Miriam. The disagreement happened after the pods when the former confronted Lydia Gonzalez about her perceived actions in the show that he thought invaded his privacy. However, when Miriam claimed that despite everything, Lydia’s care for Aaliyah Cosby during the initial phase of season 5 had been genuine, Uche started fighting with her and claimed that she should not comment due to her apparent ambiguous nature.

Miriam is Now Back to Running Her Skincare Business

Miriam Amah’s conversation with Uche Okoroha has become a trending topic among the fans of the show. Hence, the reality TV star decided to address the issue through social media, especially when talking about what kind of scientist she is. “Clearly, that was chopped and screwed by production. Now, let me explain. Yes, I am a scientist. Specifically, an analytical chemist. I have a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Houston Downtown and a masters in biotechnology from the Johns Hopkins University,” she explained.

“I started off working in Houston in the oil and gas industry. And then I went into the pharmaceutical industry before moving overseas to the Middle East, where I worked at a research institution as a Subject Matter Expert on polymer analysis using mass spectrometry and chromatography,” Miriam added. “Since it’s a research institution, I referred to it as ‘academia’ on the show.” Her explanation has certainly cleared up many doubts that the public had regarding her professional line.

Presently, Miriam is the proud owner of her own skincare business called Zack & Lucy. The company claims to provide plant-based and eco-friendly skincare from Africa within the USA. When not working hard, it is evident that Miriam enjoys living life to the fullest and certainly loves traveling. In fact, she visited several places in France in June of 2023, like Marseille and Paris. We wish Miriam the best in her life and hope that she has an amazing future ahead.

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