Love Never Lies Poland Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ continued the tradition of presenting viewers with intriguing love stories surrounding various couples who take part in the social experiment in order to resolve the issues brewing between them. As expected, the journeys undertaken by the participants are far from simple, especially when each and every answer has to be proven truthful using the EyeDetect test. Given everything that transpired in this particular installment of the reality dating series, it is hardly a wonder that the world is eager to learn more about their favorite couples and the latest updates in their lives.

Paulina and Ania Became the Winners of Season 2

For Paulina and Ania, the on-screen journey was certainly a heartwrenching one, but the two did stick to the policy of honesty. Given that they had only lied once throughout the show, they were declared the winners and got to take home the whole prize pot. As of writing, the two are still together and seem happy with the new developments in their relationship. Ania has even met up with Paulina’s mother not once but twice!

Presently, Paulina and Ania live together and even share a tour of their house with the public during the reunion episode, highlighting just how serious they are about their relationship. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the two reality TV stars are also thriving in their professional lives. Paulina is affiliated with a clothing brand called Skorpion Butik. Ania herself is a proud owner of several LGBTQ+-centric businesses, including L Vibes, L Shop, and L Camp.

Amanda and Kornel Have Parted Ways

Up next, we have Amanda Nowak and Kornel Dobrowolski, who easily captivated the attention of the viewers thanks to the dramatic ups and downs during their time on the show. During the reunion episode of season 2, the two revealed that while they had tried to give their relationship a chance after the show, the hurt between them was too much to maintain a healthy dynamic. As such, the two decided to part ways. This was followed by Amanda dating Maciek for three months.

Following her brief relationship with Maciek, Amanda briefly dated Dominik, but the two parted ways soon afterward. As for Korenel, he admitted to maintaining a text-based connection with Iwona for some time, and the two even shared a kiss. However, they have since lost contact with each other. Currently, Kornel works as a physical trainer who even offers online classes to those interested in learning in order to better their physique. He lives in Bolesławiec, Poland, at the moment but seems to have plans to move to Warsaw.

Roksana and Marek’s Relationship Has Ended

Another couple that kept the audience enthralled in season 2 was none other than the duo Roksana and Marek. The complicated feelings between the two, especially when it came to the emotional aspect of their relationship, made many people wonder just what might be in store for them in the future. As it turned out, Roksana was not completely willing to explore that particular question and ended up blocking Marek right after the experiment was over.

In the reunion, Marek emphasized that he had tried to establish a connection with Roksana multiple times but was rebuffed. He then bitterly remarked that Roksana had used him, accusing her of only coming to the show in order to further her career and then breaking up with him. Roksana refuted the claims, stating that she pursued what she thought was the best course of action. Presently, Roksana continues to work as a model and even has pictures of Marek and herself on her social media, though the same cannot be said for her former partner.

Bill and Sandra Are Testing the Waters

Following their time on the show, Bilel “Bill” Gebali and Sandra actually decided to part ways. For about four months, they did not have any contact with each other. During this time, Bill apparently reestablished his connection with Alicja, and the two even entered another reality show as a couple. Meanwhile, Sandra had apparently formed a connection with Dominik. However, all of this came to an end when Bill and Sandra reconnected in Tunisia four months after their break up.

During their time in Tunisia, Bill and Sandra decided to give their connection another chance. The former soon ended his relationship with Alicja, and the latter has confirmed that she and Bill have not been in contact since then. Despite their long history together, Bill and Sandra have not resumed their relationship right where they left off and are instead taking a more cautious approach, with fans eager to see just how this will affect their future bond.

Max and Karolina Are in a Live-in Relationship

Maksymilian “Max” Karpiński and Karolina’s time on the Netflix show was far from an easy one. That said, the two seem to have resolved the issues plaguing their relationship. Not only have they confirmed that they are in a relationship, but the couple actually lives in the same place together. In the reunion episode of season 2, they provided the viewers with a glimpse into the domestic life that they have created for themselves, which viewers could not help but be happy about.

Talking about the improvements in their relationship, it seems like Max has taken Karolina’s words on the show to his heart and now strives to cherish her as much as possible. From cooking her breakfast to buying her flowers, max has pulled all the stops when it comes to showering his partner with appreciative gestures. Active on Twitch, Max certainly seems happy about the outcome of his on-screen journey, a feeling shared by Karolina.

Kamil and Paula Live Together But are Not Dating

Amongst all the couples from the show who have ended up breaking up, Kamil and Paula may have established the best post-relationship connection. The two have candidly admitted that they opted to break up after they realized that they were not suitable for each other as partners. However, that has not stopped them from still being friends. In fact, the two live in the same house as Sandra and some of her friends, emphasizing their comfort around each other.

Kamil has also shared that he is now in a relationship and does seem to hold much affection for his new partner. Paula herself seems to hold no ill will about the whole situation and is apparently on good enough terms with her ex’s current lady love. That said, the fact that Kamil lives in the same house as his former partner, even if they are now only platonically connected, does seem to create some issues. As for Paula, she is presently single and seems to be living her best life.

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