Is Lifetime’s Love Triangle Nightmare Based on a True Story? Where is it Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Roxanne Boisvert, ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ is a thriller movie about a divorcee named Brittany. During her Divorce Party Weekend, she meets Jake, a handsome man who seems to be the complete opposite of Brittany’s ex-husband, Austin. Brittany and Jake see each other again in a coffee house, and soon the two get involved in a romantic relationship. Austin, who is still on amicable terms with Brittany, feels something off about Jake and warns his ex-wife.

Though Brittany ignores Austin’s warning, chalking them up to jealousy, she soon finds out Jake truly may be up to no good. The film has several positive aspects that keep the audience enthralled and rooted in their seats. From the fitting backgrounds to excellent actors, the movie is a joy to watch. Many cannot help but also compliment the storyline that seems to parallel real-life events. We under that you may have several questions regarding the film’s production and origins, and we have just the answers!

Is Love Triangle Nightmare a True Story?

No, ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ is not based on a true story. However, several elements in the thriller romance story do seem to be a projection of real-life events. The tale of a person falling for someone whose intentions might not be good is, unfortunately, quite common. Another aspect of the story that seems to be inspired by reality is how convoluted a love triangle can be.

Let’s explore the case of Héctor Antillón Acosta, from Pheonix Arizona. In May 2022, Héctor was enjoying an evening at his home with his girlfriend. The two were interrupted when the woman’s ex-husband, Robert Segobia, broke into the house. Robert pointed a handgun at the couple while the two were in bed. Apparently, the woman and Robert divorced almost a year before the incident.

Robert was jealous of his ex-wife’s relationship and tracked her location to find the two. The ex-couple had been involved in a fight five days earlier, with Robert threatening to leak his ex-wife’s pictures on the internet. The enraged ex-husband first pointed the handgun at the woman, who jumped out of bed and tried to stop Robert. However, he simply pushed her aside and shot Héctor several times. The terrified woman hid in the bathroom and called the authorities. Later, Robert turned himself in after supposedly bidding farewell to his children.

‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ shows how Jake tried his best to remove Austin from Brittany’s life to remove competition. Héctor Antillón Acosta might be slightly different, but it clearly showcases how wrong the situation can go when a complicated love story is afoot. The Lifetime movie picks up elements from multiple real-life incidents to present a story that is both unique and yet resembles reality.

Love Triangle Nightmare Filming Locations

Lifetime’s ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ was filmed in Canada’s National Capital Region. The principal photography most probably took place in March 2021. Bill St. John took up the mantle of the film’s cinematographer. Let’s explore the details surrounding the filming location.

Ottawa, Ontario

The capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, is located on the banks of the eponymous river and served as the primary location for the production of ‘Love Triangle Nightmare.’ Both Glenda Braganza, who appears in the movie as Brittany, and Jeff Teravainen, who plays Jake, were in Ottawa in March 2021. Glenda and Jeff also posted about wrapping up a filming project on March 31, 2021, and April 1, 2021, respectively. This might be an indication of them working on the movie at the same time.

Choosing to lens the movie in Ottawa does seem like a great choice given the city’s developed infrastructure and production facilities. Moreover, the city has a vast suburban area, which lends well to recording scenes set in residential areas. Ottawa has always been a popular choice among filmmakers and has hosted the production of ‘On the Count of Three‘ and ‘Fatman.’

Love Triangle Nightmare Cast

The talented Glenda Braganza takes up the role of Brittany in the Lifetime thriller movie. You may recognize her from her performances in ‘A Christmas Letter’ and ‘Business Ethics.’ Jeff Teravainen portrays Jake in ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ and is well-known for his work in ‘Secrets in the Ice’ and ‘Air Crash Investigation.’ Completing the love triangle is Tomas Chovanec as Austin Conrad, who has also been a part of ‘Maps and Mistletoe‘ and ‘Bury the Past.’

Sadie Laflamme-Snow essays the role of Emma Conrad, Brittany and Austin’s daughter. Other notable appearances in the film include Kelly Hope Taylor as Thea, JaNae Armogan as Ava, Sochi Fried as Detective Bell, and Jarrod MacLean as Detective Hunter. Rebecca Amzallag (Sheera), Tom Slater (Vincent Abrams), Sarah Cleveland (Janet), Erica Anderson (Lillian), and Charlie Ebbs (Brad) can also be seen in the movie.

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