CW’s Lovers and Liars: Where is the Dating Show Filmed?

CW’s ‘Lovers and Liars’ is an unscripted reality show that challenges three single men to determine which of the 24 women trying to woo them is there for love and not money. Hosted by Nikki Glaser, the show takes us to a beautiful tropical island where the eligible bachelors spend time with eight women each, going on dates, playing games, and attempting to guess their motives through conversation. The three men include show host Casey Johnson, comedian Benedict Polizzi, and basketball player CJ Weathers. They are up against 24 diverse and attractive women, most of whom are attempting to charm them into believing they are looking for love.

By the end of the show, if one of the men chooses a woman looking for love, both of them will split a cash prize of $100,000 equally. If his estimate is incorrect and the woman is playing him for the money, she gets to decide what to do with the entire prize. The game is made all the more difficult for the bachelors, who engage in tantalizing back and forth, by its simmering island location, which prompts clothing that leaves little room for their imagination.

Lovers and Liars Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘Lovers and Liars’ takes place entirely in sunny Malibu, California. The show was initially titled ‘FGirl Island’ but later rebranded as ‘Lovers and Liars.’ The reality show is a spin-off of ‘FBoy Island’ and was filmed back-to-back with the third season of ‘FBoy Island.’ Principal photography began in July 2023 and was wrapped up by August of the same year.

The crew apparently had an entertaining time while filming the show, enjoying the shenanigans taking place. “Not a day went by where I didn’t laugh and think, ‘what the hell are we making right now?’” wrote producer Victoria Luna in an Instagram post. Allow us to take you through the filming location seen in the series.

Malibu, California

Located along the picturesque coastline of Southern California, Malibu serves as the stunning backdrop for ‘Lovers and Liars.’ While Malibu may not be an actual tropical island, its climate and laid-back atmosphere evoke a sense of tropical paradise that is felt in the show. According to reports, the show makes use of the Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club at 327 Latigo Canyon Road. Further shooting was likely carried out at its private beach club along coastal Malibu at 26025 Pacific Coast Highway. The ranch is an expansive private property spanning 250 acres and has also been utilized for filming the 1990s TV series ‘Beverly Hills 90210.’

Situated within close proximity to Los Angeles, Malibu provides convenient access to a wide range of amenities, services, and filming resources, making it a popular choice for film and television productions. When asked about shifting filming locations from the Cayman Islands and shooting two seasons at once, CW reality chief Heather Olander said, “We will make interesting deals … that are cost-effective.” Explaining further, “Part of that was by greenlighting two seasons at once, which then can be shot at once. It just made the cost per episode much more financially interesting for us and feasible for us.”

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