Lynsey Miller to Make Her Feature Directorial Debut With I’ll See Myself Out

Image Credit: BAFTA/YouTube

The BAFTA-winning Lynsey Miller is set to bring her television experience to feature filmmaking! The director will make her movie debut with ‘I’ll See Myself Out.’ The project is slated to start filming in Yorkshire, England, this September. Miller is helming the film based on a screenplay by Molly Naylor.

Image Credit: BAFTA/YouTube

The existential drama follows the intertwining lives of two characters, Etta and Norman. Etta struggles with understanding how to live her life, while Norman desires to end his. Through her many failed attempts to inspire Norman not to give up, Etta finds a new purpose, learning what it takes to truly live on her own terms. The tragicomedy explores profound themes of life and death, focusing on the journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Miller’s previous work in television and short-form has garnered significant recognition, with 2014 short ‘Lizard Girl’ winning the BAFTA Prize for Best Learning—Primary at the British Academy Children’s Awards. The director is best known for directing television miniseries such as ‘Deadwater Fell,’ which was also nominated by the Scottish branch of the BAFTAs, and ‘Anne Boleyn.’

Miller’s most recent projects include the international production ‘The Turkish Detective’ and the upcoming second season of the Apple TV+ series ‘Surface,’ which also explores rebuilding one’s life amid suicidal thoughts. The filmmaker has also helmed a number of TV movies, including ‘The Boy with the Topknot’ and ‘Doing Money.’ She served as an additional crew member on multiple other projects for over a decade.

In addition to Miller’s direction, the project also aims to benefit from Molly Naylor’s script in what is also her feature film screenwriting debut. Best known as the showrunner of the comedy-drama ‘After Hours,’ Naylor possesses enormous experience writing thought-provoking narratives for television, radio, graphic novels, short films, and poetry collections. With filming set to begin in a few months, more details about the cast and additional crew members are expected to be announced soon.

The selection of Yorkshire, a region known for its picturesque landscapes during autumn, as the filming location promises vibrant visuals in ‘I’ll See Myself Out,’ which will complement its melancholic premise, creating a striking contrast that enhances the emotional depth and visual appeal of the film. One of the major destinations in Europe for entertainment production, Yorkshire recently hosted the shooting of Netflix’s ‘Bank of Dave: The Sequel’ and ‘Adolescence,’ in addition to the upcoming BBC detective drama, ‘Virdee.’

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