15 Best Guy and Macho Movies of All Time

There is this false vanity that men have: machoism. The concept started way back in the 1920’s, when olive oiled hair and silk suit were all the rage. The definition has changed drastically in contemporary times, wherein beefed up biceps and washboard abs fit the bill. Movies, as we all know, are a medium of expressing feelings. Machoism, at the end of the day, is an expression of one’s feelings about himself. The definition also varies from country to country, culture to culture. While in some countries, having a mushy canopy of jet black and thick mustache is a symbol, in other countries, people prefer to be clean-shaven. It is this confluence of traditions and cultures that serves as the backdrop of the macho movie revolution.

Here is the list of top guy movies (you can also call them manliest movies) ever that you must watch. These manliest movies are symbols of masculine energy and manliness with testosterone glands working full time. You can watch some of these best guy movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Aamzon Prime.

15. The Expendables (2010)

The two of the manliest men in the world star in this epic action movie, which has gained a cult following over time. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the hunkiest and the most popular actors around. Throw into the mix action paragons like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, it all becomes interesting. The movie follows an eclectic mix of mercenaries, each a genius in their own, who are tasked with overthrowing a despotic regime, facilitated by General Garza, in Vilena, part of the Gulf of Mexico. As they get deeper, they find out Garza is a mere puppet in the hands of an ex-CIA officer James Munroe. The final battle ensues to declare the winner. Guns, biceps, tanks. Can it BE anymore macho? (Chandler Reference)

14. Predator (1987)

I can hardly think of a moment during the entirety of the film when I didn’t see the protagonists “macho” men even half covered. It is perhaps the most brazen exposition of their vitiating time in the gyms. The sci-fi flick is a cult film today, with its enticing conceptualization capturing our reveries. A group of hired rescues set out to complete their assigned task: rescue people. Through the jungle, they discover a presence of an extra-terrestrial warrior hunting them, one by one, brick by brick. With the precision of a surgeon, John Mctrion dissects the films in parts, where the gradually and patiently plastered scenes build up to jaw-dropping crescendos. The film is one of the most memorable pieces of cinema ever attempted, and successfully made.

13. Stone Cold (1991)

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This was like a rotten egg trying to make itself look like a not-so-rotten egg. This film was seriously bad, like really, really, really bad. A flawed screenplay, an even worse direction, and the worst display of acting ever, had the lone comforts of the brooding action sequences. Featuring a cast that would set the ladies firing on all cylinders, with people like Brian Bosworth and Lance Henriksen, the film’s macho appeal transcended reasonable thinking. The unabashed style and the so-called swag (see: Dhinchak Pooja) were perhaps the only thing that worked. The movie’s premise revolved around a notorious biker gang vying to get their arrested member of the posse back. The course of action that they take is thoroughly illegal: planning on killing the DA. Of course it is.

12. The Dirty Dozen (1967)

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There are two ways twelve men can exist in unison, together as a group: well-dressed, civilized, reasonably debating the fate of a young boy, or rugged, empowered with guns, with the enemy staring down at the barrel. I loved both. But this one talks about the latter. A dozen intrepid soldiers are tasked with the assignment to infiltrate the Nazi-occupied French territory, and initiate a mass-murdering spree of Nazi Germans. Sounds fun right? Because it is. The film has been cited as one of the greatest war films ever made. The disturbing visual imagery, embellished with some brutally raw and mean emotions, make for an uncomfortable watch, which makes the experience even more worth while.

11. Dirty Harry (1971)

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The list is so tight, that Clint Eastwood features at number 11. Or, does he? Regardless of that, the name itself is considered to be a synonym with action and style. This particular film, though, was the climbing ladder for the superstar to his present status quo. Inspector Harry Callahan is a no-nonsense public servant. His incongruous ways have seen him get the reputation of being called ‘Dirty Harry’. When a psychopathic killer embarks on a killing spree in his town, he takes it upon himself to set the town free of this menace. Its numbering on the list is no reflection of its quality and sheer importance. Guns, shotguns, and whatnot, made the film give form to a new kind of cinema. The Eastwood kind, where you say “punk” and get applauded for.

10. 300 (2007)

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I literally had goosebumps during the film. That particular scene in the end, when Leonidas braves a thousand arrows and amicably departs life, made me cry and respect the history of Spartan warriors even more. The film followed the former trying to initiate an uprising to take down the tyrannical and despotic regime outside their state through revolution. But the corrupt sovereign command ignores his pleading, focusing rather on their dirty games of political-continuity. He takes it upon himself, and 300 other brave-hearts to take on the world. The film is exquisitely shot and courageously acted. The synchronization between warriors is unparalleled in any film I have seen. A true homage to the fallen men. Rest in peace.

8. Full Metal Jacket (1987)

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The genius of Stanley Kubrick can never be capped with words. This ineffable talent that he had to be meticulously specific with details is at times haunting. ‘Full Metal Jacket’ is a hugely under appreciated film. The premise is well-thought, the acting certainly was another class, oh and the direction. Don’t ge me started. Vietnam has been a topic that film-makers have picked up to win awards. Not Kubrick. He had another point of perspective and reference to relay us the harrow that was the war. A pragmatic U.S. Marine observes the dehumanizing effects the Vietnam War has on his fellow recruits from their brutal boot camp training to the bloody street fighting in Hue. Impressive, impressive, very impressive.

8. Braveheart (1995)

Mel Gibson is famous for two things. Getting drunk on stage and fighting with Ricky Gervais. And the masterpiece called ‘Braveheart’. The 1995 Best Picture Academy award winner is regarded as one of the best films made on such a grand scale. Revolving around the Scottish Revolution, and William Wallace’s courageous undertaking against Kind Edward I, the film broke grounds with its sheer magnitude of production. The movie encompasses almost all elements of human psychology, ranging from love and anger, to envy and redemption. The film is a fest for men with an appetite for action, antiquate, though, in nature. A film for macho men indeed.

7. First Blood (1982)

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Another evidence to back up my claim for the 1980’s being the revolution of “macho” films in the industry. Sylvester Stallone takes the lead, playing the now iconic character of John Rambo, a disturbed former US soldier, who is constantly bothered by hallucinations. A small tussle with a police officer triggers his threshold, and sends him on a violent spree that takes apart his world. The metaphorical simulation embodied in the film is extra-ordinary. Many auteurs associated war-trauma with clinical depression, suicide, and even redemption. But Te Kotcheff made sure that wasn’t the case, and made the revolutionary attempt to try something different. How well he achieved that.

6. Machete (2010)

“Revenge is the purest form of emotion.” Quite rightly said in the great Mahabharata. Taking it as the premise of the film, Robert Rodriguez managed to pull one out of the hat. Machete, a mercenary and sell-sword (see: GoT), is tasked to put to rest a Texas Senator. As he movies closer to his target, he discovers it as a set-up. Battered and left for dead, he comes back stronger than ever to extract revenge. Danny Trejo is a star in his own way. Despite his limited popularity, the authenticity that he lends to his characters and tangibility to their emotions is flawless and admirable. The action sequences are breath-taking, with their execution and formation being the cornerstone’s for the film’s great success.

5. The Terminator (1984)

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It is difficult to find a more iconic action film than this one. James Cameron’s most cherished brainchild today enjoys a massive fan following and has developed into a cult. A premise that involves a cyborg assassin time traveling to kill an innocent mother of a probable child, who might prove to be the former’s abhorred nemesis, seems far-fetched. Apparently, it is not. Eventually though, the film remains true to its purpose, and that is satiating. ‘The Terminator’ has what many films don’t have: style. Not only that, having an Arnold Schwarzenegger at his prime is something many films didn’t enjoy. Oh, well, how the times change.

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4. Die Hard (1988)

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“Dieee Haaardd!” (Friends reference). John McClane is the most iconic action star in the illustrious history of Hollywood. And the same can be said for the film as well. ‘Die Hard’ is a an engaging tale of a NYPD detective, John McClane, who finally is free from his hectic schedule, put to work again to save his wife. As he comes to know of the situation, he sets foot as a single man army to retrieve his love. The film and the character gave Bruce Willis the global fame that he enjoys today. A favorite of many single men around the world, it can be yours as well. Watch the movie and have fun!

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3. For a Few Dollars More (1965)

Seegio Leone’s epic action-trilogy is still considered to be revolutionary. The unfrozen long shots and the mobilized camera-style are still regarded to be prodigal of its time. The steamer-boat for Clint Eastwood’s meteoric rise to fame, the movie revolves around his character, the Man with No Name (Manco), and his conniving partnership with Colonel Mortimer to chase down a heinous criminal. The two’s charismatic play in the film makes the movie a fun ride. Unabashed action, galore with shotguns and whatnot, ‘For a Few Dollars More’ is a timeless classic that needs to be seen ASAP by every human on earth. Why don’t you start the revolution?

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2. Fight Club (1999)

I was hesitant in putting this at number two. Because this film is it. There is nothing more raw and natural than this film. Tyler Durden is an image of the perfect man every man desires to be. Extra-ordinarily good in bed, with the perfect body, hair, teeth, and an unbridled style, stymied all into one. Fincher’s classic action feature will never cease to rule the kingdom of action and “macho-ism”. A revolutionary story of a mundane man, tired of his life, deciding to change world, the movie represents a normal man’s dream. The exclusive fight club, though, is open for  select few only. Care to join?

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1. The Godfather (1972)

No matter how much the definition of “macho-ism’ changes over the years, there is nothing more sexier for a man than power. His lust to dictate terms and set the tunes is unparalleled to any other desire, probably excluding sex, and if we talk about Joey, then yes, food. ‘The Godfather’, for me, is the greatest movie ever made. A beautiful story of consolidation of power, from one paragon to the other, the film revolutionized film-making for generations to come. Al Pacino and Marlon Brando held us like puppets, and delivered us to a place we had never been before. The magic of this classic and timeless masterpiece will never fade away, and so will its uncontested appeal to the gender called males.

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