Make Me Believe Ending: Do Sahra and Deniz End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘Make Me Believe’ (also titled ‘Sen İnandır’ in Turkish) is a romantic drama movie by directors Murat Saraçoglu and Evren Karabiyik Günaydin. It follows Sahra and Deniz, two individuals with distinct personalities who share a past grudge against each other. However, sparks fly between them when they are forced to reunite due to the meddling of their grandmothers. Nonetheless, plenty of challenges lie in their path to achieving their happy ending. Hence, viewers must wonder whether Sahra and Deniz resolve their differences and end up together in ‘Make Me Believe.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Sahra and Deniz?

The movie begins with Sahra and Deniz reuniting with their grandmothers, who manipulate them into returning to their hometown. However, Sahra and Deniz despise each other, and it is hinted they were close to each other in the past. As the narrative progresses, viewers see Sahra and Deniz buttheads as their preexisting notions about each other hinder their grandmothers’ desire to set them up with each other. Eventually, Sahra learns that Deniz is the famous photographer she is trying to interview for her magazine. As a result, she tries to make amends with Deniz.

Later, Deniz and Sahra reveal they both had romantic feelings for each other when they were teenagers. However, they both disliked each other for not acting upon their feelings. Moreover, Sahra lost her parents in a bike accident, and Deniz was forced to move away because of his parent’s divorce. As a result, Sahra and Deniz never managed to reconnect or resolve their differences. However, years later, they get an opportunity to open their hearts out when they are forced to work together. As a result, Sahra and Deniz resolve their issues and confess their feelings for each other. They start a romantic relationship, but things take a downturn when Deniz learns that Sahra was trying to get close to him for the interview.

Do Sahra and Deniz End Up Together?

During the movie’s final act, Sahra and Deniz are in a loving relationship, having confessed their feelings and proclaimed their love for each other. The two had romantic feelings since their teenage years but never acted upon them, blaming the other for it. However, since they have matured over the years, a simple heart-to-heart conversation opens a world full of possibilities for the young couple. Nonetheless, their relationship is put to the test when Sahra is forced to confront the possibility of letting her spiteful colleague Kareem take the promotion she worked hard for or convincing Deniz to give an interview for her magazine.

Deniz s a famous photographer who does not like giving interviews as he wants to separate the art from the artist. Sahra recognizes Deniz’s point of view and turns down the opportunity to interview him. However, Kareem reveals the truth and exposes Sahra. As a result, Deniz’s feelings are hurt, and he feels Sahra tried to use him for professional gain. He promptly leaves after refusing to talk with Sahra, who returns to her job in Istanbul. However, Deniz allows Sahra to write the interview before she leaves as she knows everything about him now.

Sahra’s friend and colleague, Ahu, convinces her to publish the interview to secure the promotion and save her team from working under Kareem. Sahra agrees and publishes the interview, albeit with a slight change. Later, Deniz’s friend, Ulas, convinces him to read the interview. In the published article, Sahra speaks freely about Deniz and, for the first time, speaks about the man behind the camera lens. She indirectly honors his wishes to keep his art separate from the artist and uses the opportunity to proclaim her love for Deniz.

Moreover, the magazine’s cover image is a photo of Sahra clicked by Deniz. As a result, Deniz is moved by Sahra’s words for him and decides to resolve their differences. In the end, Deniz arrives at Sahra’s promotion party, kissing Sahra and proclaiming his love for her. Ultimately, Sahra and Deniz end up together through their shared ability to give second chances to each other. Although the young couple makes mistakes in understanding each other and their intentions, they strongly believe in the power of love and second chances. Hence, despite the troubles, Sahra and Deniz succeed in patching up and getting their happily ever after.

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