Make Me Believe: Netflix’s Turkish Rom-Com Is Fictional

Netflix’s ‘Make Me Believe’ (also titled ‘Sen İnandır’) is a Turkish romantic movie co-directed by Murat Saraçoglu and Evren Karabiyik Günaydin. It follows Sahra and Deniz, two childhood friends whose distinct lives collide when their grandmothers play matchmakers. However, Sahra and Deniz are forced to confront their true feelings for each other while reflecting upon their life choices. The heart-warming film is set against a scenic backdrop and gives viewers a look at a complex but emotionally charged love story. As a result, viewers might be curious to learn whether ‘Make Me Believe’ is inspired by real events or a true story.

The Inspiration Behind Make Me Believe

No, ‘Make Me Believe’ is not based on a true story. It is based on an original concept from writer Selen Bagci, who also penned the movie’s screenplay. The film tells a fictional story about two individuals who are brought together by the meddling of their grandmothers. The story’s two main characters are Sahra and Deniz, who grew up as next-door neighbors but drifted apart over the years. Sahra and Deniz start the story hating each other for reasons that become known later. However, an external conflict drives the narrative forward as Sahra searches for an enigmatic and mysterious photographer.

The film is primarily a work of fiction but adds a semblance of reality by focusing on its characters and their desires. While the movie’s plot might seem like a generic rom-com story about hates falling in love, Sahra and Denis are both unique in their own ways. For instance, Sahra is a dedicated editor who is trying to secure a promotion when she reunites with Deniz. On the other hand, Deniz is a successful photographer whose views about art prevent him from engaging with his fans. However, Sahra and Deniz are tied together through their tragic pasts, which gives viewers an understanding of their emotional journeys, making viewers relate to their love story and individual arcs.

The movie’s primary theme appears to be second chances, which co-relates with the grounded nature of its characters. In the movie, Sahra and Deniz both have poor opinions of each other based on past experiences. As a result, when they are together, things around them seem negatively impacted. However, once Sahra and Deniz commit to giving each other a second chance, they are able to form an emotional bond and see the brighter side of the other’s personality. Hence, the movie teaches viewers to be open to possibilities by giving second chances to people.

The other important theme the movie explores through its fictional story is professional ambition vs. personal gratification. The same is evident in Sahra’s arc after she learns that Deniz is the elusive photographer she is searching for, and her promotion is inadvertently tied to him giving an interview for her magazine. As a result, Sahra is forced to choose between her relationship with Deniz and her professional ambitions. Some viewers might find the movie similar to other enemies turned lovers movies, such as ‘The Hating Game,’ ‘The Proposal,’ and ‘Clueless.’

Ultimately, ‘Make Me Believe’ is not based on any actual events or a true story. It tells a fictional story of two characters whose misinformed opinions of each other prevent them from admitting their feelings for each other. However, the movie forces its characters to make realistic and human choices that allow viewers to resonate with their story. As a result, the movie holds a semblance of realism despite its borderline whacky premise.

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