Netflix’s Man on Fire TV Series Starts Filming in Mexico and Brazil in July

Cameras are ready to roll for Netflix’s next big action series! The filming of ‘Man on Fire’ will start in Mexico and Brazil in July. According to last year’s reports, the thriller series is based on the first two books in A.J. Quinnell’s ‘Creasy’ novel series and will have eight episodes in total. Kyle Killen is the writer and showrunner.

The upcoming series revolves around John Creasy, a shattered former mercenary driven by a quest for vengeance following the loss of his sole confidant. Alongside seeking retribution, he tries to shield his late companion’s daughter from the same threats that destroyed her family.

Killen co-developed Paramount+’s military science fiction series ‘Halo,’ which depicts the epic saga of Master Chief John-117 as he leads his Spartan team against the Covenant alien threat in a galaxy on the brink of destruction. The screenwriter is also the mastermind behind the original concept of ‘Probuzhdenie,’ a tale following Pavel Frolov’s fractured reality after a devastating car crash involving his wife and son. In addition, Killen created ‘Mind Games,’ exploring the intricate dynamics between the Edwards brothers, Clark, a brilliant yet bipolar psychologist, and Ross, a charming ex-convict, as they employ the science of human manipulation to solve their clients’ dilemmas.

Quinnell’s ‘Man on Fire’ was first published in 1980, with four additional novels — 1992’s ‘The Perfect Kill,’ 1993’s ‘The Blue Ring,’ 1994’s ‘Black Horn,’ and 1996’s ‘Message From Hell’ — forming the ‘Creasy’ book series. The Netflix series is based on ‘Man on Fire’ and ‘The Perfect Kill.’

‘Man on Fire’ was initially brought to the screen in 1987, featuring Scott Glenn, Jade Malle, and Joe Pesci. A subsequent adaptation followed in 2004, led by Denzel Washington, alongside Dakota Fanning and Christopher Walken. Despite originating from New Regency, which was behind the 2004 movie, the upcoming Netflix series will forge its own path without any connection to the Tony Scott-helmed Washington film and will introduce a fresh face to portray John Creasy.

Mexico provided the backdrop for the 2004 version of ‘Man on Fire.’ The country is also featured in recent releases like ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘ and ‘Madame Web.’ On the other hand, Brazil is a significant filming location for ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire‘ and ‘Burning Betrayal.’

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