Are Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet Still Together?

If you haven’t already, you have to add ‘Selling Sunset’ to your list of reality guilty pleasure series to see. Following the lives of the powerful women who are the employees of Oppenheim Group, a luxury real estate brokerage run by twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim, this series checks all the necessary boxes of your typical reality series. Drama, cat-fights, relationships, and heartbreak, it’s all there for our viewing pleasure.

One of the most intriguing employees in the series is, of course, Mary Fitzgerald. Being one of the very first employees of the company and Jason’s ex-girlfriend, she could have been rude or snobby, but even with her ambition and her competitive nature, she still managed to be one of the nicest of them all. Her dynamics with everyone, including with her love interest Romain Bonnet kept us all waiting to see and know more about her.

Mary and Romain: Selling Sunset Journey

Mary and Romain actually met in a professional setting; she was at the airport to pick the French man up and take him to look for places where he could stay, but when they actually started talking, their client and realtor relationship turned into much more. Then 37-year-old Mary and 25-year-old Romain had been dating for almost a year when the filming of the show began, and to say that everything went down smoothly would be a bit of a stretch.

Mary, who had been married twice before, had never thought that she’d want to be married again, but when Romain, a man just four years older than her son, Austin, came into her life, her whole perspective changed. She wanted a future with him, she wanted everything with him, so when he admitted that felt like he was “missing out” on some things on their anniversary dinner, she was devastated.

Fortunately, the French baker had other tricks up his sleeve, because he soon gave Mary everything that she had wished for, by proposing to her on a cozy morning in their condo. He did first propose with a moissanite ring due to financial constraints, but he knew what Mary deserved and later on got her a real diamond. Yes, they further had troubles when her friends and colleagues doubted their relationship and expressed concerns about him using her, but they came out on the other side stronger because of it.

A slight tension between them was also caused when Romain didn’t show any interest in planning the wedding, but that changed soon enough. The couple planned everything together and ultimately had an intimate wedding ceremony in a beautiful home in Los Angeles, with 60 of their closest friends and family. Mary even read her vows to Romain in French. The heartwarming ceremony that we got to see made it clear that nothing could ever come between the couple if they made up their mind about it.

Are Mary and Romain Still Together?

Mary and Romain are still together. In love and blissfully married. Their adorable relationship and their never-ending infatuation with each other is evident from the way they continuously post about each other on their respective Instagram accounts. The real estate agent turned reality star, and the baker turned model have been nothing but supportive of each other and all their endeavors, which is why they have been able to make their relationship work.

The fact that Romain and Mary have a thirteen-year age gap will definitely cause some troubles between them down the line, especially because they have different views when it comes to starting a family together, but because they are able to balance each other out so perfectly, we don’t think it would make a massive difference in terms of the dynamics in their relationship. Well, we hope. They’re both still young at heart and have a lot to accomplish in their lives, and we’re sure that they’ll do that together.

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