Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Episode 7, titled ‘Along Came a Spider,’ finds Kingstown on the brink of boiling tensions. Mike is forced to meet a dangerous acquaintance in an attempt to calm things down even as the situation in the prison threatens to become violent. The uneasy peace that the titular “Mayor” works so hard to maintain seems at its most fragile yet. If you think you might’ve missed some details of the episode, fear not! We’ve got your back. Let’s take another look at ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Recap

The episode opens with the investigation of the missing FBI agent, whose partner is found dead in Mike’s office. Since there is no sign of the agent or Iris, Mike is forced to visit Milo in prison. Despite the powerbroker’s threats, the incarcerated Milo orders Mike to once again retrieve another package for him. When asked about Iris, Milo says that she’s gone back to work and that it would be fruitless for anyone to try and look for her now.

Meanwhile, Iris is taken to a house run by the local crime boss, Duke, where she is repeatedly abused. When she tries to leave, her attempts are firmly blocked, and soon she gives up trying to resist. Meanwhile, Mike also seems to give up looking for her and laments to Kyle how he is being followed by FBI officers ever since their fellow agent went missing from his office. However, he nevertheless decides to go and retrieve the package, as ordered by Milo.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Ending: What is Mike Looking For?

Things at the prison continue to escalate and the prisoners begin to go on hunger strikes. The guards, led by Ed, push to crack down even harder but are overruled by their superior. A meeting between the various gang leaders and the prison warden takes place, in which one of the criminals, Bunny’s accomplice, reveals a dangerous secret. Ed is furious but maintains a straight face. Eventually, the warden agrees to lift the lockdown in return for peace, even though he doesn’t get a clear guarantee from the gang leaders.

In the final scenes of the episode, a dead body is discovered in a garbage truck, which turns out to be the missing FBI agent. Mike then goes out to Milo’s spot in the wilderness and begins to dig according to the criminal’s instructions, looking for a metallic case.

So Mike has realized that he has no choice but to follow Milo’s orders and dig up the mysterious metallic container. The incarcerated criminal has so far given no details as to what the case might contain, which is also one of the reasons Mike was reluctant to dig it up. The McLusky brother also feared that Milo might lead him to the missing FBI agent’s corpse, which would open a whole new can of worms since Mike is being tracked by the FBI. Thus, Milo could very well try and frame Mike by connecting him to the dead body of the federal agent.

However, since the body of the murdered agent shows up, Mike decides to go looking for Milo’s mysterious buried object. In the closing scene of the episode, we see him strike a metallic object in the ground, meaning that Mike has found something. Though we don’t know what Mike has found as yet, it is likely something important. It could either be a very valuable object, or an explosive proof or secret that threatens to upset the power structure of Kingstown.

How Does the Prison Lockdown End?

The prison lockdown continues for the better part of three episodes and gets steadily tenser. Neither the guards nor the prisoners want to back down as it would make them appear weak. The initial faceoff between the inmates and the men that guard them begins with the criminals demanding to be repaid for killing Kenny. When they are denied access to more smuggled contraband, they begin to act out, causing the guards to put the prison in lockdown.

However, with the prospect of a widespread prison riot, the warden is forced to come to an agreement with the prison’s gang leaders. The guards are averse to the idea because they think it will make them look weak, and send the wrong message to the prisoners. However, more significantly, Ed and his men do not want the warden to know that they goaded the prisoners to kill Kenny. Of course, one of the gang leaders does exactly that, leaving Ed fuming even as the warden decides to look into the claims of the prisoners.

Thus, the prison lockdown is initially put in place by the guards to subdue the prisoners and ensure that word of Kenny’s killing does not reach the ears of higher authorities. However, the warden is forced to end the lockdown to avoid widespread riots and violence, which also results in the guards’ uncomfortable secret coming out.

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