Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 8 shows us the deep dark underbelly of the notorious titular town. Titled ‘The Devil is Us,’ this chapter lives up to its name and sees Iris at her lowest. Gang wars break out on the streets, and prison guards are stabbed as pandemonium reigns. Even Mike seems to have thrown caution to the wind. Before things reach a boiling point, let’s make sure we’ve picked up all the details of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8 Recap

The episode opens with the excavation of Milo’s “metal case,” which the incarcerated criminal has forced Mike to dig up in the presence of the police. The buried case turns out to be an entire school bus, filled with dismembered, rotting corpses. The authorities are baffled, and Mike is furious for being put in the middle of such a gruesome situation. He confronts Milo’s lawyer, Paul, about the dead bodies, even threatening to kill him, but he doesn’t get any clues.

Meanwhile, Iris is in a bad state in Duke’s custody, being regularly abused and forced to take drugs. The gang boss eventually decides to sell her to a local gang. As it turns out, the men transporting Iris are shot at by a rival gang, who turns out to be working for Bunny. Sure enough, Bunny pays Mike a favor and delivers Iris safe but traumatized back to him.

Chaos also reigns in the prisons as Sam, still struggling with the attention he is getting in the women’s prison, finally gets seduced by an inmate. However, she then stabs him during the act and yells out that she’s been raped. In the male prison, an unsuspecting guard is stabbed by an inmate during the lunch break. By the time the grievously injured guard is noticed, the perpetrator has disappeared into the crowd.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8 Ending: Where is Mike Taking Iris?

With Iris in his car, Mike drives to Duke’s house and shoots the gang leader before the latter can even say a word. The Mayor then walks through the house, shooting and killing many of the gang’s members before driving away. As they drive out of town, Iris softly says that she doesn’t believe in god, but that the devil lives in them all.

As Mike drives Iris away from town, he asks her whether she would like to see his favorite place in the world. She doesn’t reply but soon notices that Mike’s phone is no longer within mobile coverage area. They both laugh, and though it isn’t enunciated, Mike is likely taking Iris to his home in the countryside.

Mike’s home is sporadically brought up when friends and family joke about how he lives so far out of town in the wilderness. Mike generally doesn’t make the effort to explain his choices, but it is clear that he enjoys leaving the pressures of Kingstown in favor of the peaceful forest. He, therefore, seems to be taking Iris to the safety of his home, and it is clear that she needs it more than ever. However, despite being out of the seedy town, in the episode’s closing scene, Iris ominously says that it all feels like a dream until one has to go back into Kingstown.

What is in Milo’s Metal Case?

The “metal case” that Milo blackmails Mike to dig up turns out to be a bus full of corpses. Since the police and FBI have been following Mike, the site quickly turns into a crime scene, and the authorities are baffled. Eventually, they realize that the bodies likely belong to the victims of James Parker. The bigger mystery surrounding the contents of Milo’s case is how he knew about where the bodies were hidden.

According to the criminal’s lawyer, Milo has been in prison for nine years, making it impossible for him to have anything to do with the much more recent bodies. However, as Milo has demonstrated (by kidnapping Iris), he can easily get deadly attacks carried out from inside prison. Thus, it seems like Milo might be the one behind the spree of 26 murders that James Parker supposedly carried out.

The dead bodies that Milo has led Mike to also open up a can of worms for the powerbroker. If he cannot connect Milo to the bodies, Mike will likely be connected to them in some way for knowing their location and could also end up going to prison. This becomes apparent when Mike violently threatens to kill Milo’s lawyer, saying that if he is going to prison, he might as well commit a crime to justify it.

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