Where is Iris? Is She Dead or Alive in Mayor of Kingstown?

Iris is an enigmatic character who unexpectedly gets embroiled in the seedy dynamics of Kingstown. Summoned by Milo to try and seduce Mike, the young girl possibly underestimates just how dangerous it is to get involved in the powerbroker’s affairs and pays the price. We see her repeatedly assaulted by Milo’s henchman and eventually kidnapped. When Mike asks the criminal what he has done with the young girl, Milo ominously replies that there is no point in looking for her. So what happens to Iris? Is she still alive, or has Milo taken care of her once and for all? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Iris?

At the end of episode 6, it is revealed that Milo embeds tracking devices into the abdomens of all the women who work for him. Before Mike can come to her rescue, Iris is kidnapped by the incarcerated criminal’s men, who track her to the power broker’s office. To make things even more ominous, one of the FBI agents last seen questioning Iris is also found dead. This tells us that Milo is not afraid to blatantly kill federal agents, making it all the more likely that Iris has been disposed of.

However, during their meeting, Milo tells Mike that Iris has been sent back to work. This means that she is once again being forced into prostitution, and sure enough, we see Milo’s henchman Joseph drop her off at the house of the local crime boss named Duke. When Mike hears the finality in Milo’s tone, he also seemingly gives up looking for Iris, later explaining to Kyle that she could be in any corner of the country. However, it is worth noting that Duke is based in Kingstown, and therefore Iris is still in Kingstown, though her fate seems to be hanging by a thread.

Is Iris Dead?

Iris is repeatedly assaulted by Joseph on Milo’s orders, who wants to see if he can provoke Mike by hurting the young woman. When she finally gets a meeting with FBI officers, who try to come up with a way to keep her safe, Milo strikes and kidnaps her, killing one of the federal agents in the process. However, Milo does not need to kill Iris (yet) and keeps her alive. It is quite likely that the sadistic criminal knows that he can affect Mike more by threatening the young girl instead of actually killing her.

Thus, Iris is alive, but only just. She has been given to the savage criminal boss, Duke, and the last we see her is being held captive in one of his houses. Brutally abused and injured from multiple beatings, things look pretty dire for Iris. However, there are also hints (like Joseph’s words of warning) that tell us that Iris is more dangerous and resilient than she looks.

Thus, despite her dismal and dangerous surroundings, Iris might just survive and eventually turn things around. There is also a good chance that Mike will come to her rescue at some point. Considering Duke grudgingly listens to Mike on most occasions and is seemingly intimidated by the powerbroker’s influence, it also bodes well for Iris and her chances of survival.

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