Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

Mayor of Kingstown episode 9 takes us into the dark heart of the titular town, with pressure building to a breaking point. Titled ‘The Lie of the Truth,’ the episode finds tensions between the prison guards and inmates at their highest, leading to a disastrous outcome. While Mike remains conspicuously missing from the violence erupting in town, his younger brother Kyle is at the center of the chaos. A lot goes down in this decisive chapter of the gritty drama, and it looks like the precarious balance of power in Kingstown has been irreparably disturbed. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 9 and make sure we’ve picked up all the details. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Recap

The episode opens with the police raiding Duke’s house, which turns out to be a drug lab. A swift gunfight follows in which Duke’s men are all but killed. Soon after, Kyle heads to the Kingstown prison to help transport inmates suspected of having recently stabbed a prison guard. Most dangerous amongst them is P-Dog, who is shackled from head to toe while being prepared to be taken to a county prison to undergo an investigation.

However, as Kyle and his partner, Ian, prepare to take custody of P-Dog, they are ambushed by two prisoners. A desperate scuffle ensues in which P-Dog is set free while the inmates brutally beat Kyle, Ian, and the two prison guards with them.

Meanwhile, Mike makes breakfast for Iris, and the two share a peaceful morning at the former’s cabin in the forest outside town. Iris slowly begins to recover from her traumatic ordeal and firmly tells Mike that she is not broken. However, she is then comforted by him, and the two decide to remain in the cottage for longer. It also becomes clear that Mike has no idea about the violence unfolding in the prison. Meanwhile, in the women’s prison, Cherry continues to claim that she was raped by Sam and therefore killed the prison guard in self-defense.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Ending: Is Kyle Dead? What About His Partner Ian?

Things at the men’s prison continue to spiral out of control as P-Dog and his accomplices break into the weapons locker and arm themselves. Milo, who has so far quietly observed the proceedings, now helps P-Dog unlock the door to their confinement chamber and escapes with the rest of the inmates. Sensing what has happened, the rest of the inmates begin to riot, and soon the entire prison becomes a warzone. The guards try to put up a fight but are quickly and brutally overwhelmed by the inmate population.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Ian finally regain consciousness and find themselves in the now-deserted containment area, surrounded by the bodies of murdered guards. With most of the doors locked, they are forced to take shelter underground where the prison’s sewage system runs. There, they encounter prisoners who are hiding out from the violence ensuing above, and the last that we see of the young McLusky brother and his partner, they are trying to find a way out of the prison.

Thus, despite very nearly being killed by P-Dog and his men, Kyle and his partner, Ian, survive. Since the inmates only arm themselves with guns after subduing Kyle and Ian, the two Kingstown detectives are (relatively) lucky and are only assaulted with pepper spray, tasers, and batons. Thus, Kyle and Ian survive the initial attack on them.

However, they are not in the clear yet since the two detectives are still trapped inside the prison. Since the inmates seem to have all but taken over the facility, are heavily armed, and have killed prison guards indiscriminately, Kyle and Ian are in grave danger. Being discovered would mean certain death for them. Thus, their survival, at the moment, seems to depend on finding a way to get out of the prison complex without being noticed.

Of course, Kyle’s potential death (or murder) would have a tumultuous effect on almost everyone in Kingstown. This is because Mike, already living in the shadow of his elder brother’s murder, would likely go on a rampage if his younger brother is also killed.

Where is Mike During the Riot?

For once, Mike is not in the eye of the storm that is unfolding in Kingstown but is at his cabin in the forest instead. After taking Iris there for safekeeping, he stays back to ensure she is alright. He also cooks her breakfast and comforts her as she finally breaks down and begins to cry. Even as his brother, Kyle, fights for his life while trapped inside the rioting prison, Mike remains blissfully unaware as he spends a peaceful day in his cottage with Iris.

Mike’s surprising disconnect from the chaos in prison is because he lives in a remote cottage where his phone doesn’t work. He previously describes the feeling of leaving Kingstown and coming back home as “magic,” and it now becomes clear just how disconnected he gets to the outside world while he is at home. Thus, with no way of being contacted, Mike remains blissfully unaware of the prison riot and the fact that his younger brother, Kyle, is trapped in the middle of the action.

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