Michelle Blackwell: Botched Star is a Podcast Host Now

Enacting life-changing decisions, ‘Botched’ chronicles the journey of several individuals as they seek to reconstruct their appearance through plastic surgery. Michelle Blackwell is one of the clients who seeks the medical expertise of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. Hoping to reconstrue her appearance following a botched surgery, the actress decides to entrust the capabilities of the medical professionals. Given her admirable journey and ability to regain control of her appearance, fans have remained curious about the actress. Years after she opened up her story on the show, many want to know her latest whereabouts.

Michelle Blackwell’s Botched Journey

Having sustained an unimaginable experience, Michelle enlisted the help of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. Once an actress with an ever-evolving path, the television personality faced a significant curveball when she got into a car accident. The impact of the accident had left her smashed between the steering wheel and the dashboard. While the actress managed to make a full recovery from the traumatic occurrence, her nose ended up taking the bear of the brunt. Ultimately, Michelle had to seek medical intervention to recorrect her nose. However, the issue was far from resolved as the procedure went haywire and even made it difficult for her to breathe. The issue progressed to a point where she had undergone six rhinoplasties but couldn’t get the result she sought.


Finally, she decided to entrust the experts at Beverly Hills as a last resort. Given her issue, the doctors formulated a comprehensive plan to ensure that her nose wasn’t just aesthetically appealing but also correctly functional. At the time, Michelle wasn’t just struggling with the results of the revision surgery but also struggled to breathe as her nostrils had collapsed. Not just this, her sinuses had also swollen shut. With no air passing through her nose, the actress was at her wit’s end and didn’t know how to function without an invasive procedure. Gratefully, Dr. Paul Nassif employed his years of expertise to deliver on all counts. Not only this, but Michelle’s road to recovery was also smooth.

Where is Michelle Blackwell Now?

Years down the road, Michelle has recovered from the fatal accident and continues to embark on new adventures. Over the years, the actress hasn’t just grown professionally but also made personal milestones. Besides appearing in the E! Reality show, Michelle has also appeared in television series like ‘Happily Divorced,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘Any Day Now,’ and ‘Law and Motion.’ Most recently, she made a guest appearance on ‘Double Cross.’

She has also appeared on ‘Hollywood Bootcamp,’ a show that chronicles the journey of artists and their professional trajectory. In addition to solidifying her presence as an on-screen persona, Michelle has discovered other avenues of success, too. She has worked as a writer and director on other projects. Besides starring in ‘Law and Motion,’ Michelle also served as the creative director and writer for the series. Along with Panther Rose, M.A. Doerfler, and Ozzie Wilson, Michelle also hosts the ‘Boss Ladies’ podcast.

Having grown accustomed to the ins and outs of entertainment, Michelle has channeled her years of expertise into creating a business from the ground up. So, in addition to having a stage and on-screen presence, she also manages the operations of BDP Entertainment Group, an entertainment, media, and sports production company. The company is known for creating scripts, concepts, films, web series, podcasts, audiobooks, and television shows. Their projects span a comprehensive variety and cater to a wide range of artists.

Michelle kickstarted her entertainment company with the sole purpose of uplifting and empowering the voices of people often put down. From creating an inclusive space for women, persons with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, and others, the actress hopes to direct the conversations towards people who rarely get center stage. Given her relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, it is natural that Michelle remains steadfast in her resolve to highlight the best of her artistic abilities. Consequently, we await all the milestones that she will achieve in the future!

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