Michelle Mainoni: Where is Ex-Burgundians Member Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Gunther’s Millions’ exploring the way a German Shepherd acquired an estate reportedly worth $500 million, we get a complete insight into the reality of his original “inheritance.” In other words, it comprises not just detailed first-hand accounts of those closest to the matter but also archival footage to really shine a light upon how Gunther became the world’s wealthiest dog. Amongst those to thus share their side in this docuseries is none other than former Burgundians member Michelle Mainoni — so now, if you wish to learn more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Michelle Mainoni?

It was back when Michelle was only kickstarting her career as an actress and model in Florida (early 2000s) that she became involved in The Burgurdians, thinking it could be a great opportunity. After all, her then-boyfriend Lee Dahlberg was the one to recruit her, so although she deemed being in an entertainment group owned by a canine a little strange, she didn’t think too much of it. However, the Salzburg, Austria native was one of the first members to both join this cluster of five and then leave the same as she grew uncomfortable with the dynamics as well as the activities.

“We were all supposed to be a glamorous pop group,” Michelle stated in the production. “As long as we resided in the mansion with Gunther and spent time with him, took care of him, we were just going to enjoy all the millions that he as left. And, of course, that’s what attracted me mainly to it in the beginning. I thought it was going to be an amazing opportunity; the fame, the glory, and the money.” The truth is the group’s members would often vary as there were alternatives as well, yet the aspect that bothered “Ginger Snap” was not this or her “part” as a “sex kitten” at all.

It was seemingly the combination of Lee’s involvement with fellow member Carla Riccitelli with the fact they were constantly being observed as if in an experiment that made Michelle back out. They did end up making several public appearances, doing some photoshoots, and leading an open life, but it simply was not enough for the then 23-year-old to continue in the expected way. The weigh-ins, the cameras, the men in lab coats, the noting of their sexual experiences, and her admitted jealously since she was technical with Lee just made it too weird for her after one point.

Where is Michelle Mainoni Now?

“Gunther’s lifestyle broadened my horizons, if you will.” Michelle candidly expressed in the documentary series. “Like I actually became a lot more open-minded. I actually kind of continued that lifestyle after I left the group. And then I kind of just decided to go into dog-sitting [as a profession]. So, I am – – I have a dog boarding business, and now I’m just a homebody with my dogs. You know, that’s what makes me happy now, is to be at home with my dogs.” And it’s true; her online platforms make it evident she’s currently leading her best possible life with dogs by her side.

It’s also imperative to note that Michelle is happily engaged at the moment, so she has the National Sales and Marketing Director at Winning Tax Solutions Joey Fazio beside her as well. This South Florida-residing couple has ostensibly been engaged since February 2016 with no plans of really walking down the aisle anytime soon, yet it doesn’t seem to bother either of them one bit. In simpler words, Michelle appears perfectly content with her present standing, which is all that truly matters.

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