Lee Dahlberg: Where is Gunther’s Spokesperson Now?

As a documentary series that delves deep into the way a German Shepard amassed an estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Netflix’s ‘Gunther’s Millions’ can only be described as absurd. After all, the fact Gunther VI is the world’s wealthiest canine does not even come close to being the strangest part of this narrative; that actually goes to the reality behind his original “inheritance.” Yet for now, if you just wish to learn more about Lee Dahlberg — Gunther’s spokesperson of 22 years as well as a former Burgundians member — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Who is Lee Dahlberg?

Although Lee hails from the small coastal town of Amelia Island, roughly 30 minutes outside of Jacksonville in Florida, he has managed to build a life most people can not even begin to dream of. The truth is it was back in 1991 that he kickstarted his career by landing a job on a cruise ship, all the while graduating high school before enrolling at the University of Florida as a business major. He actually worked his way up from a busboy to a Croupier/Fire Captain over seven years, and there was a point when he was even considered one of the top blackjack dealers in the nation.

It thus was not until Lee suddenly decided to quit his job and travel to Europe in the hopes of finding his estranged father that an entirely new avenue opened up for him owing to his sociability. He was sadly unsuccessful in his quest, but his experience there, along with the motorcycle accident he endured upon returning to Florida to complete his studies, did give him a new perspective. This was when he decided to explore the world of entertainment, something he’d previously often been approached about thanks to his looks as well as physique yet never seriously considered.

Lee subsequently took up every job he could find to make ends meet — serving as a model, actor, freelance writer, etc. — unaware that a new opportunity was right around the corner. “I’m at this wine tasting,” he elucidated in the Netflix original, “and a woman next to me said, ‘I’m a publicist, and I represent a trust fund. They’ve been looking for a spokesperson for a year and a half. I think you’re [it].'” She was utterly drawn to his confidence, which shone through in his meeting with Gunther The Dog and his handler as well, resulting in him landing a spot in his official entourage.

“On the way to this meeting, I walked by a hotel brunch,” Lee conceded in the production. “I walked in, stole a handful of bacon, put it in my pocket wrapped in a napkin. And when I met Gunther, they were like, ‘Wow, the dog really likes Lee.’ He followed me around for the entire day. This is job security, my friends.” We should mention that apart from being the canine’s spokesperson, the Florida native was also an original member of his entertainment group, The Burgundians; well, until he was required a lot more behind the scenes.

Where is Lee Dahlberg Now?

From what we can tell, Lee is primarily based in Florida alongside his partner Sandy Kacur at the moment, yet he does seemingly spend a lot of time in Hollywood for his profession as well. That’s because he has managed to not only maintain but also evolve his position as a commercial model, actor, and public figure in every way imaginable, as evidenced by his social media platforms. Whether it be television commercials, print advertisements, or fashion photoshoots, Lee evidently does it all, enabling him to travel the globe too.

Moreover, it’s imperative to note that Lee has even established himself as an entrepreneur – the former National Sales Director of Sigma Skin Care is currently the Owner/Designer of Rock Bands and the Owner/Marketing Director of Rock Group Ad Agency. While the former trades in unique luxury leather bracelets with healing stones placed inside, the latter is an advertisement agency with several credits already under its belt. In fact, it has done campaigns for Cigarette Racing, Caviar Creator, and Imperia, among many others. As if all this wasn’t enough, Lee also owns a furniture company creating one-of-a-kind art pieces from reclaimed materials and classic car parts, plus he has started dabbling in photography as well.

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