Garren James: Where is Ex-Gunther Trust Employee Now?

Even though Netflix’s ‘Gunther’s Millions’ primarily delves into the reality behind a German Shepard with a trust fund and his eccentric handler, there are a few side features that intrigue us too. Among them is none other than Garren James, whom you might’ve actually recognized from Showtime’s ‘Gigolos’ (2011-2016) as the founder-owner of Cowboys4Angels escort service agency. So now, if you wish to learn more about him — with a focus on his roots, his profession, his ties to the Gunther Trust, as well as his current standing — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Who is Garren James?

Garren admittedly hails from an unwaveringly supportive, good Southern Florida family, but the harsh truth is his own experiences as a young adult were rarely ever comfortable, easy, or stable. He did attend college on a football scholarship to earn his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Sociology and Psychology before stepping into entertainment, yet things soon shattered apart. On the one hand, he managed to begin working as an international model-actor; on the other, he gradually grew addicted to drugs like crack and cocaine, resulting in several arrests as well.

In fact, it was not until Garren’s 2003 arrest on multiple felonies for stealing from the one individual genuinely trying to help him out in his homelessness that he decided to turn over a new leaf. He was actually thankful rather than angry for her bravely calling the police since it gave him time to reflect, and then he made the most of being transferred to a halfway house ten months later. He got involved in a 12-step recovery program, attended meetings like clockwork, and worked extremely hard to get his life back on track, leading to complete sobriety around 2008.

As for Garren’s connection with Gunther the dog and his handler Maurizio Mian, he first met them while residing in Italy in the hopes of advancing his career, seemingly prior to his legal troubles. “I was at a dark point in my life because I was too tall to work [there],” the model-actor said in the Netflix original. “None of the clothing really fit me, and I was completely broke but I didn’t want to give up.” That’s when he got a call from his friend, fellow model, and Gunther’s spokesperson Lee Dahlberg inviting him to a party, where Maurizio gave him one look before hiring him for a job.

“Maurizio handed me an envelope with a lot of money in it,” Garren added. “I was fortunate enough to actually get hired to help open up a nightclub. I was so excited. This was a larger-than-life, grand experience for me, where it was all about having fun and living a dream.” He even went as far as to state, “this group and this lifestyle really stuck with me later in life. Then I created the character Garren James, this travel escort, companion thing… I learned all of that from Maurizio.” We should mention his real name is unfortunately unclear as of writing since he has been going by Garren for a decade.

Where is Garren James Now?

From what we can tell, former model Garren currently resides in Miami, Florida, as an entrepreneurial family man alongside his Colombian wife Francia James and their twins Aven and Neva. He’d established Cowboys4Angels as the largest escort service offering straight elite male companies for women nearly a decade prior, and he has thus been serving as its founder-CEO since then. It’s also imperative to note that he maintains it’s a reputable profession because his business merely caters to the client’s feelings as well as motives with complete honor-bound respect, not explicit contact.

In fact, to shine a light upon just how normal the escort service is, Garren once revealed, “I’ve had three Forbes listers, four celebs, one was very A-lister, and the other three were reality or B-lister or TV show-type people [as clients]… A lot of these people are used to paying for services. Everywhere they go, they pay for bellmen, they pay for massages. They like the idea of (an escort who) won’t start bugging them, calling them, emailing them, texting them.” According to him, even ordinary singles, divorcees, and widows who wish to undertake an experience with a man by their side or simply have someone they can talk to have availed this service. It hence comes as no surprise they are currently available throughout the United States in 20 different cities.

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