Minx Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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After finding an advertiser, Joyce tries her best to complete the first issue of her magazine Minx in the third episode of HBO Max’s comedy series ‘Minx.’ Joyce’s efforts hit a wall when Councilwoman Bridget Westbury commences her fight against Doug and other adult entertainment industry giants in the San Fernando Valley. To help a distressed Joyce, Shelly teams up with Bambi and Richie. The episode ends with Joyce realizing the potential of people around her and Doug displaying his true nature to Tina. If you are up for a detailed look at the episode’s ending, let us guide you through it after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Minx Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of ‘Minx’ begins with police officials raiding Bottom Dollar Publications possibly for employing an underage model. Bambi and Richie explain to a startled Joyce that these raids are common and aren’t a severe concern. After the raid, Doug goes to see the new councilwoman to bribe her in the form of a donation to her favorite charity. Bridget Westbury, the councilwoman, makes it clear to Doug that she cannot be bought with his money like her predecessors. With several significant materials in police custody, Doug asks Joyce to release Minx earlier to fill in the publishing slots of other magazines.

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

Meanwhile, numerous writers start to withdraw their articles for ‘Minx’ upon seeing the news of the police raid. With inadequate material in hand to complete the issue, Joyce decides to use her own articles in the first issue using different names. Shelly, Bambi, and Richie team up to help Joyce by going through the articles. Upon reading a few of them, the trio informs Joyce that they are not even able to understand her writings, only for Joyce to get disappointed. Shelly even suggests alternative titles for Joyce’s articles to gain the attention of the readers but Joyce dismisses them. Finally, Joyce approaches Bridget to explain the predicament but only to reach a dead end.

Minx Episode 3 Recap Ending: Does Joyce Complete the First Issue of Minx? Why Does She Appoint Shelly in Minx?

Yes, Joyce completes the first issue of ‘Minx.’ When her writers withdraw their articles from her magazine, Joyce confronts a severe predicament. With a clock ticking and press waiting, she needs to find multiple features in no time to get the issue done. Rather than wasting her time on convincing writers, Joyce decides to use her own articles in different names. However, Joyce overlooks the fact that Minx isn’t “The Matriarchy Awakens.” When Shelly, Bambi, and Richie express their dissatisfaction with the tone of Joyce’s articles, she fails to understand that there’s a need to transform her articles to ‘Minx’s style.

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Joyce only becomes aware of her mistakes when she hits rock bottom. After returning from a tragic meeting with Bridget, Joyce seeks the help of Richie and Bambi. Joyce starts to comprehend that every article she publishes in her magazine needs a stylistic revamp. She works on her articles and presents them as catchy and intriguing, as per Shelly’s suggestions. Her rework of the articles, enhanced by Richie’s designs, impresses Doug. After Doug’s approval, Joyce confirms the completion of ‘Minx’s first-ever issue.

The adventurous preparation for ”Minx’s first issue teaches Joyce that her sister Shelly can be an incredible asset to her team. Shelly’s suggestions play a pivotal part in the completion of the issue and her presence turns out to be integral for Bambi and Richie to work as a team. More than everything, Shelly represents ‘Minx’s readers. She knows what will work and what will not as a reader. Thus, Joyce appoints Shelly in her magazine to teach her the nuances of women readers. By having Shelly on the team, Joyce is gaining an impeccable sounding board for her to improve the magazine.

What Are Councilwoman Bridget’s Secrets? Why Doesn’t Doug Blackmail Her?

Councilwoman Bridget Westbury’s determination to see the end of Doug’s porn empire motivates her to conduct a raid on Bottom Dollar Publications. Doug’s attempt to reach a truce also arrives at a dead-end when Bridget makes it clear that her concern isn’t monetary. When Tina realizes that there aren’t any other doors for Doug to knock to resolve the predicament, she uses her contact to dig deep into Bridget’s past. She offers her findings to Doug so that he can use the same to blackmail the councilwoman to save his publishing house.

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However, Doug rejects Tina’s proposition and her findings without even revealing what they are. Even though he wants Bridget to stop troubling him, Doug isn’t interested in doing something way out of the line. He isn’t a vicious blackmailer who is going to use a person’s secrets for his gain. Doug draws his boundary after harmless bribes and that’s the best he will try to exert his influence on someone. He also knows that he cannot reveal Bridget’s secrets even if she rejects him again. That conviction makes him say no to Tina’s plan. Thus, Doug asks Tina to deal with the predicament fair and square without seeking abominable ways.

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