Who is Bridget Westbury in Minx? Is She Based on a Real Councilwoman?

HBO Max’s comedy series ‘Minx’ revolves around Joyce, who teams up with Doug Renetti to start the publication of a feminist-erotic magazine named Minx. When several publishers reject Joyce’s initial concept of a radical-feminist magazine, Doug gives her a chance to materialize her dream by publishing it if she accepts to include erotic content for women. Joyce realizes that Doug’s proposition does possess potential and she joins Bottom Dollar Publications to work on her magazine.

In the third episode of the show, Doug and Joyce confront a severe challenge to publish the first issue of Minx in the form of Councilwoman Bridget Westbury. If you are curious about the character and her origin, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Bridget Westbury?

The third episode of the show depicts the first police raid at Bottom Dollar Publications upon Joyce’s arrival. To a shocked Joyce, Doug and others explain that it is a routine raid for the authorities to gain some favor from them. Doug runs to the new councilwoman’s office to write a cheque for her favorite charity, only to encounter a resolute Bridget Westbury. Bridget informs Doug that she is not at all like her predecessors and warns him not to treat her like one. She dismisses Doug and his financial offer, establishing herself as his new threat.

Bridget lives in a “civilized society” that views porn as an abominable entity and a cancerous part of a community. She makes a shortlist of adult entertainment stores and companies — including Doug’s publishing house — to put an end to their operation in the San Fernando Valley. Even though she is educated enough to realize that pornographic publications are a part of free speech and expression, Bridget chooses to ignore the same due to her conservative beliefs. Bridget presents herself as a sincere and righteous government official, however, her righteousness doesn’t include the fundamental rights of Doug since they don’t comply with her conservative thinking.

Bridget isn’t part of the progressive-feminist movement that motivates Joyce to start The Matriarchy Awakens or Minx. Her value system is influenced by the foundations of conservatism, which drives her to see the end of people like Doug, who challenges her values. Like “the civilized Mr. Ross,” Bridget also possesses some secrets, which can be used by Doug to blackmail her. However, he chooses not to. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can expect Bridget’s battle against Doug and Joyce to intensify.

Is Bridget Westbury Based on a Real Councilwoman?

No, Bridget Westbury is not based on a real councilwoman. The fictional character is conceived by creator Ellen Rapoport and the show’s writers. However, Bridget represents the conservative society of the 1970s, who found porn loathsome and unfit for a civilized community. The success of pornographic publications and other adult entertainment products caused worry among such people, instigating them to take a stand against the aforementioned materials.

Interventions of individuals, like the fictional Bridget, in the history of the United States have paved the way for debates concerning the censorship of pornography. In the 1970s, even the U. S. Supreme Court dealt with a pivotal case concerning obscene materials. Through the character of Bridget, Rapoport succeeds in portraying a turbulent period in history where free speech and constitutional rights fought against the conservative notions of “obscenity.”

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