Minx Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: It’s Okay to Like It

The third episode of Starz’s comedy series ‘Minx’ season 2, titled ‘It’s Okay to Like It,’ revolves around a new chapter of Bottom Dollar Publications’ existence. After Minx’s return to the publishing house, Doug Renetti’s establishment immerses in success but he fails to find happiness in the same. A “visitor” at Bottom Dollar makes Joyce Prigger scared of her future. Shelly and Lenny’s married life turns around as they experiment with life’s joys. The captivating episode ends with a startling revelation and introspection into Joyce’s life. If you are intrigued by the same, let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Minx Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

‘It’s Okay to Like It’ begins with the arrival of a Rolling Stone journalist named Simon Michaels at Bottom Dollar Publications to cover the success story of the publishing house and Minx. Doug tries to provoke Joyce hoping that Simon will write a story about their disagreements, which will increase the popularity of Minx. He also sets out to launch Beyond, a science magazine with Carl Sagan as its editor. Simon tries to talk to Joyce, who avoids the former. Doug, to boost the fame of his new magazine, forces the journalist to talk to Sagan. Ritchie, the head of the company’s art department, suffers from exhaustion.

Constance Papadopoulos gets more involved in the operations of Bottom Dollar. She asks Joyce to cater the magazine to women to satisfy their advertisers rather than making it appealing to gay individuals. Lenny and Shelly’s dinner party is popular in their neighborhood as a neighbor couple asks them whether they can join the same. Shelly, however, doesn’t have enough chairs to accommodate them. The merchandise Doug sells through Bottom Dollar is an instant hit but he despises that he is getting reduced to a “merch man” in his own company. He cannot outrightly accept that Joyce and Minx are the show stealers of his establishment.

Constance talks to Tina, who decides to remain in Bottom Dollar only to run the company, about the profits of the magazines released by the publishing house. Tina’s highly efficient work concerning the record of the magazines’ sales satisfies and impresses Constance, who looks forward to working with her more. But the widow isn’t impressed with the numbers created by Doug’s other magazines. She puts an end to the publication of two magazines and nips Beyond in the bud after sending off Sagan from the place. The businesswoman asks Doug to concentrate on merchandise since the same brings more money than any of his magazines, which infuriates him.

Minx Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Do Shelly and Lenny Become Swingers?

Yes, Shelly and Lenny become swingers. Shelly has always struggled in her married life with Lenny, specifically since he has always failed to satisfy her sexually. His overconfidence and lack of sexual awareness have made her miss the joy of having sex. Slowly, it starts to affect their life as a married couple. Shelly’s fling with Bambi further jeopardizes their togetherness. Shelly, however, doesn’t want to break up with Lenny because she believes in the family she formed with him and their children. She must be even loving him enough to remain in a relationship with him despite him failing her in bed.

Shelly may not want to walk away from Lenny and destroy their children’s lives. That can be why she finds a way to satisfy her sexual needs without destroying the family she created with her husband. Shelly and Lenny become swingers so that they can remain a married couple while satisfying both of their sexual needs. Becoming swingers is a mature decision Lenny and Shelly make. They must have realized that they don’t have the required rhythm in bed to ignite each other’s desire, which lead them to cherish polyamorous lives. Shelly and Lenny host a dinner party in which they roleplay and have sex with different individuals.

Shelly and Lenny’s new arrangement helps them to satisfy their desire without putting an end to their relationship. Shelly may even restart sharing intimacy with Bambi since she doesn’t have to worry about Lenny anymore. That can also be the reason why she feels ready to return to Minx. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Bambi to become an unignorable presence in Shelly and Lenny’s household and relationship.

Why Does Joyce Avoid Simon?

After arriving at Bottom Dollar to cover the publishing house and Minx, the infamous Rolling Stone journalist Simon tries his best to interview Joyce. Simon is more interested in the success story of Joyce as a person than in her creation or the establishment that releases the same. Still, Joyce tries her best to avoid the journalist and run away from him. Joyce doesn’t want to talk to Simon because the journalist is infamous for writing exposés which brought down several popular and celebrated figures. The creative head behind Minx doesn’t want to be included in the same list of figures whose lives Simon has destroyed with his pen.

Deep inside Joyce, she fears her fall and Simon’s presence triggers the same. Throughout her life, she has seen women with ambitions and success stories falling beyond redemption. Her funder Constance is one of the examples. Joyce isn’t confident that her fate will be different. She fears failure immensely, which makes her view Simon as an agent of her fall, which leads her to avoid him. Even when Minx is well-regarded as a national sensation, Joyce isn’t able to celebrate her success because of the same fear. She acts completely confident and determined but inside her, Joyce has vulnerabilities like anyone else.

Joyce even fails to completely like what she does and where she is right now because of her overthinking. She worries whether whatever she does will be enough for her to not end up like Constance and several other women who have similar life sagas. Simon, after earning her trust at least partially, lets her know that it is outrightly “okay” to be proud of what she does and what she has created.

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