Did Amy Landecker’s Bridget Westbury Leave Minx?

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

Starz’s comedy series ‘Minx’ follows Joyce Prigger, who sets out to publish Minx, an erotic magazine for women, by teaming up with the infamous porn publisher Doug Renetti. Joyce’s creation creates wildfires among the men and women of Los Angeles. While the magazine makes a group of women aware of their rights and challenges patriarchal notions, councilwoman Bridget Westbury deems the same as worthless porn and tries to put an end to its publication. The second season of the series follows a new chapter of Minx’s existence but the viewers are wondering whether Westbury is a part of the same. Well, here’s what we can share about Amy Landecker’s character! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bridget Westbury’s Uncertain Fate

The second half of the first season of the series follows Bridget Westbury’s battle against Doug Renetti. As a person who accepts and propagates patriarchal notions and traditional values, she doesn’t tolerate that Minx is teaching women to raise their voices and hands against the men in their lives. She wants the patriarchal order restored in the San Fernando Valley and to materialize her wish, she wages a war against Doug by threatening to ban pornography. In the first season finale, she teams up with Willy and reveals that she is trying her best to ban pornography in her jurisdiction.

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

The war Westbury wages goes out of control when a group of men attacks Doug’s Bottom Dollar Publications. He gets forced to shut down his publishing house due to the attacks. In the second season premiere, Doug tries to reopen the same by receiving funds from a wealthy widow named Constance Papadopoulos. However, Westbury isn’t in the picture to challenge and stop Doug, making the viewers wonder whether we have seen the last of the councilwoman in the series. Did Amy Landecker bid adieu to the comedy show? Let’s find out.

Amy Landecker Has Likely Left Minx

As of now, neither Starz nor Amy Landecker has released an official statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘Minx.’ Having said that, it is unlikely that creator Ellen Rapoport and her team of writers would continue to explore the story arc of Westbury. Doug’s fight against Westbury’s authority as the councilwoman is an integral storyline of the first season. The same seemingly reaches its maximum potential when Westbury tries to ban pornography in the Valley. The councilwoman trying to do the same again in the second season may seem repetitive and Rapoport might have decided against doing the same.

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

If that’s the case, Westbury’s story arc concludes with the first season finale, which also explains Landecker’s absence in the second season premiere. The actress hasn’t given any update regarding being a part of the series, which further indicates that her character’s arc was just three episodes long. In the second season, we can expect Constance to fill the absence of Westbury by being a significant presence in the lives of Doug and Joyce and an influential figure in the publication of Minx. Considering these factors, we believe that Landecker most likely left ‘Minx.’

Having said that, Landecker’s Westbury may still appear in the series in the future. Doug hasn’t yet revealed the secret of the councilwoman, which can be explored in detail if Rapoport decides to integrate the character back into the narrative of the series. Westbury becoming the mayor of Los Angeles and challenging Doug with more power is another possible development that we may see in the show’s future. Meanwhile, we can expect the actress to deliver an impressive performance as Brenda De Backer in ‘I Wish You All the Best,’ the directorial debut of ‘13 Reasons Why’ fame Tommy Dorfman.

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