Monarch Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Monarch‘ is a tale of twisted family dynamics and dark secrets in the country music setting. The musical drama series tells the story of the Roman family, the undisputed leaders in the country music industry. In the fourth episode, titled ‘Not Our First Rodeo,’ the Romans see Nicky and Gigi clashing for a musical event as the race to obtain the title of “Queen of Country” continues. Meanwhile, viewers also learn some more secrets about the family, especially their dark future. If you want to catch up on the episode’s events and ending, here is everything you need to know about ‘Monarch’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Monarch Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘Not Our First Rodeo,’ opens with a flash forward that reveals Luke is also involved in the murder committed by Albie. In the present, the Romans host a party to welcome Ana and her mother, Cat, to their family. Ace and Ana continue to grow closer at the party and sing a song together. Meanwhile, Luke confronts Nicky about the discrepancies in Dottie’s autopsy report. Nicky confesses to assisting Dottie’s suicide, which is a felony offense. As a result, Nicky could face severe jail time for aiding her mother’s death.

Gigi and Nicky prepare for a musical event that will shape their brand image and directly impact their solo careers. The event is set at a rodeo, causing the sisters to think hard about the song they want to perform. Kayala convinces Gigi to perform something that echoes Dottie’s musical style. On the other hand, Nicky hires some of the best songwriters in the business to outshine her sister. Elsewhere, Albie is approached by music agent Jamie Burke who proposes a working relationship that will push Albie’s career in a new direction.

After Gigi picks one of Dottie’s old songs for her performance, Nicky becomes concerned about her own selection. As a result, she calls Wade Stellings for help, but the two end up sleeping together. Meanwhile, Luke learns that Albie is considering working with Jamie, leading to a confrontation between the son and father. Albie speaks with Marty, Dottie’s security head, and tries to find an answer about the missing music rights. At the rodeo, Nicky outshines Gigi by stealing her sister’s song and performing it in front of a large audience.

Monarch Episode 4 Ending: Why Did Dottie Sell The Music Rights?

In the episode, Albie searches for answers about the music rights to one of the songs he had written for Dottie. Albie wished to perform the song at Dottie’s funeral but couldn’t as the Roman record label no longer owned the copyright to the song. The song was one of Dottie and Albie’s greatest hits and likely laid the foundation for the Roman country music dynasty that the family is desperately trying to protect in the wake of Dottie’s death. Towards the episode’s end, Albie questions Marty about the copyrights and learns about the secret Dottie was hiding from the entire family.

A mysterious person was blackmailing Dottie. Dottie had to sell the music rights to one of the family’s greatest hit songs to raise funds necessary to pay the blackmailer. In the first episode, Dottie likely paid the blackmailer a large sum by selling the copyrights in exchange for them no longer bothering the Romans. However, the blackmailer seemingly holds some documents that could tarnish the family’s reputation. Whether Dottie obtained these documents remains unknown. However, her actions leave plenty of clues for her family to get to the bottom of the matter.

What Does Nicky Burn?

The flash-forward moments are quickly becoming the show’s trademark cliffhangers. The sequences set two months in the future start in the first episode and depict Albie killing a mysterious person who likely betrayed the Romans. However, the person’s identity remains a mystery. In the subsequent episodes, viewers learn that Luke is also aware of the murder, and the police are already suspecting the Romans of committing some crime. However, the dead body is missing from the spot where Albie buried it. The episode’s ending adds a new layer to the murder mystery by revealing Nicky possessing bloody items.

The blood is likely of the dead person, and the items are crucial evidence that could implicate the Romans. Therefore, the family burns the items to avoid any suspicion. Among the items are a cloth piece and a “Best Single of the Year Award.” The award indicates that Nicky will likely emerge on top in her competition with Gigi. However, the presence of the award also suggests that the dead person could be directly connected to Nicky’s career. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this storyline pans out.

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