Monster Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

If you have been watching anime for a while and you have not been living under a rock, then you have probably heard of ‘Monster’ before. It is one of the highest-rated anime out there and it is impossible to just ignore all the hype around it. With more than 70 episodes of runtime, one might think twice before watching it. But investing your time in this anime is very well worth it as unlike other long-running series, ‘Monster’ makes every singly episode count and wastes almost no time on unnecessary fillers. It is more or less of a suspense masterclass that will keep you at the edge of your all the time. It constantly uses a lot of subplots to bring in new twists and turns that are all very subtly spread throughout the series. None of it feels contrived in any way and even the countless number of characters involved are all strong and brilliant in their own unique ways.

The genius of ‘Monster’ is not just confined to its story and characters but brushes off on its production value as well. Coming from Madhouse Studio, that is known for some of the greatest anime like ‘One Punch Man‘, ‘The Tatami Galaxy‘ and even ‘‘Death Note‘, the expectations were indeed very high from it. And yet again, the studio does not disappoint its fans by producing a show that has a very distinctive and warm art style to it. Not to mention, the soundtracks are just beautifully married to every scene they accompany. ‘Monster’ is indeed as close to perfect as an anime can ever be and if you still have not watched it, then what are you even waiting for?

Monster Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Monster’ season 1 premiered on April 7, 2004 and went on till September 28, 2005. When it comes to season 2 of the anime, let’s first examine a few clues here.  Considering the events of the anime, there are varying moral dilemmas in play here and no matter how you look at it, you simply cannot please the entire community. So what does this mean for the future of the series? One big reason why a sequel of this is not at all a possibility is the fact that the manga only has 18 volumes and all of these have been loyally covered in the 74 episodes of the show.

There are no confirmations yet but considering the fact that the anime was released more than a decade ago, a remake seems more of possibility than a whole new season of it. Even when it comes down to making a remake, the first season was produced by the renowned Studio Madhouse and I don’t see a reason why they would want to go back to a decade-old show when they already have so much more going on. Nothing really seems to be in favor of the anime as of now, but still, if we do get any news regarding ‘Monster’ season 2 release date in the future, we will update it here in this section.

Monster English Dub:

There are no websites streaming the anime at present. If further news develops on the matter, we will definitely update it here on this space.

Monster Plot:

The entire plot of the series revolves around a budding young doctor from Japan, Dr. Kenzo Tenma who moves to Germany in order to further progress his career. He lands up at the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf, where he is considered somewhat of a prodigy. He is also engaged to the daughter of the Director of the hospital, thus securing his long and healthy future as a doctor. However, it is noticeable that he is not entirely happy with his life given the fact that the hospital has only profit in their mind.

Dr. Tenma only wants to serve the common people treating each one of them as equals, but the hospital does not exactly share his point of view. It is important to note here that the events take place right after World War II, so Germany was understandably reeling from the post-effects of the war which left their economy crippled. This meant that the hospitals along with all other businesses had to look for ways to save their own firms lest they be shut down due to bankruptcy.

It is here that Dr. Tenma can be seen starting to operate on a patient who is in a critical condition when he is called away to assist in another emergency. Dr. Tenma protests and tries to argue that he is the only one who can perform the operation as there are no other skilled doctors available but he is forced to exit the operating room and let one of the junior incompetent doctors take over. He reaches another operation room to find the other patient whom he manages to save but later finds out that the one he didn’t operate on sadly did not make it.

After confronting the family members of the patient he didn’t operate on who blamed him for the patient’s death, Dr. Tenma can be seen visibly shaken by the interaction. However, the opportunity to redeem himself arrives in the form of Johan and Anna Liebert, two young twins who are brought to the hospital after their parents are killed in a rogue accident. Dr. Tenma prepares for the operation and just when he is about to start operating, another nurse suddenly rushes into the room and informs that the mayor has suffered a heart attack and is being transferred to the hospital. Dr. Tenma argues that such actions are against his ethics as a doctor and he will continue to operate on Johan at all costs who has a gunshot wound to his head.

Not budging from his position, Dr. Tenma starts operating on Johan leaving the life of the mayor in the hands of the incompetent doctors. Johan barely makes it through the procedure but the mayor isn’t as lucky passing away soon after the procedure was complete. This completely tarnishes the reputation of the hospital and Dr. Tenma receives the full brunt of its force. He loses his position as the head of neuroscience at the hospital along with the director’s daughter but to make matters worse, the twins suddenly go missing from their hospital beds. After a string of mysterious murders the killer of which is revealed to be Johan, Dr. Tenma is forced into the life of a recluse, living on the streets and trying to figure out exactly what evil he had unleashed upon the world.

Monster Characters:

Kenzo Tenma: The main protagonist of the story and a talented doctor from Japan who moves into Germany after the end of the second world war in order to further his career as a neurosurgeon. After cementing his position at Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf, he is suddenly faced with several decisions that question both his ethics as a doctor and his morals as a human being. These decisions catch up to him as he struggles to undo the wrongs he has done and take out the ‘monster’ that he has set free once and for all before it can tear apart the entire population of the city.

Johan Liebert: One of the twins that made it to the hospital and the main antagonist of the series, Johan is a cunning, manipulative and deceitful individual who will stop at nothing to attain his wishes. He is somewhat loyal to his twin sister Anna and is also depicted as having a soft corner towards children but deep down he is practically emotionless and lacks general empathy towards other human beings. Having spent a hellish childhood at an orphanage that doubled as a research facility, which conducted morally questionable experiments on young children, he loses his sanity and longs for nothing but violence and destruction around him. He tries to take out each and everyone that has ever come in contact with him which leads to his final confrontation with Dr. Tenma.

Anna Liebert: Identical twin of Johan and a kind and compassionate teenager, Anna is the only one who remained unharmed on the night that took out both her parents. After discovering that the killer behind her parents was her own twin brother who appeared unscathed in the act, she proceeds to shoot him right in the head, albeit, at Johan’s own request. This shot does not take him out though and when the twins are brought to the hospital by the police, Johan is nursed back to health by Dr. Tenma’s expertise. Anna spent a good life with the Fortners after this incident but after Johan manages to kill them as well, Anna starts pursuing her brother in order to take him out for good.

Inspector Lunge: A brilliant detective with a photographic memory, Inspector Lunge is convinced that Dr. Tenma is responsible behind the mysterious string of deaths that have all seemingly occurred around him and strongly believes that Johan is a make-believe character that he has made up in order to disguise his crimes. He methodically deducts each and every situation but fails to acknowledge the superhuman intelligence of the antagonist in the crimes that take place leading to him pursuing after Dr. Tenma for the better part of the anime. He is, however, a very skilled detective otherwise and this one mistake should not really tarnish his near-perfect record or diminish his moral judgments as a human being.

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