See You on Venus: 8 More Movies Similar to The Teen Romance

In the young adult romance film ‘See You on Venus,’ Mia (Virginia Gardner) and Kyle (Alex Aiono) set off on a spontaneous journey to Spain. Both carry emotional burdens from their pasts: Mia, an orphan longing to uncover why she was abandoned before facing a risky surgery for a heart condition; Kyle, grappling with guilt over a friend’s death in a car crash.

They have little information as they rent a van in Spain and embark on a search that leads them to unexpected places. As they support each other along the way, a blossoming romance develops between them. Ultimately, Joaquín Llamas delivers an exciting journey of self-discovery with interesting characters, leading to an unlikely heartfelt romance, which can leave you wanting more of something similar. We’ve curated a list of movies like ‘See You on Venus’ that you’ll enjoy.

8. Beautiful Disaster (2023)

From director Roger Kumble, we get another unlikely romance starring Virginia Gardner. Abby is a girl with a dark past who is trying to keep her act clean and desperately trying not to fall for bad boy Travis Maddox. Travis is a bare-knuckle boxer who bets Abby he’ll abstain for a month if he gets hit in his next fight, but she’ll have to live with him for the same time if he scores a perfect victory.

He does, leading to the pair living together and sparking off one another in differing capacities throughout the film. Gardner plays a quirky character as she did in ‘See You on Venus,’ having a reactive chemistry with Dylan Sprouse starring opposite her. ‘Beautiful Disaster’ is more erotic in its premise, yet the dark pasts of both characters and their struggles together make it a believable and heartfelt romance as the story progresses.

7. A Walk to Remember (2002)

This Adam Shankman helmed directorial chronicles the lives of two opposites in high school, brought together by fate, and kept together by love. Landon Carter, a popular misfit, is held responsible for a prank gone wrong and has to serve a community sentence, where he meets the shy and awkward Jamie. She is the reverend’s daughter, is serious about her future, and is mocked by Landon’s popular group for being unstylish. Getting a different perspective from speaking with her, Landon asks for her help in upcoming projects, spending more time with her to the annoyance of his friends, and her father.

Their burgeoning romance faces immense pressure as social forces try to pull them apart, and a secret resurfaces. If you enjoyed ‘See You on Venus’ for its journey of self-discovery and unlikely romance, ‘A Walk to Remember’ delves deeper into those themes, and puts their romance to the test with opposing personalities, unapproving friends and family, and unfortunate circumstances. Yet, it is a journey to behold as both characters learn about another world they had been missing out, and in a sense, complete each other.

6. Paper Towns (2015)

A romantic mystery movie based on a bestselling novel, ‘Paper Towns’ directed by Jake Schreier, follows Quentin and his two friends who form an unpopular trio in their high school. Quentin develops a crush on his attractive classmate and neighbor, Margo, who breaks into his room asking for his help in taking revenge on her cheating boyfriend. However, after that night, she disappears, leaving Quentin and his friends searching for clues left behind by her.

The movie puts an interesting twist on the geeky boy and popular girl romance by having to go on an adventure with friends to find her. If the theme of self-discovery through adventure struck a chord with you in ‘See You on Venus,’ ‘Paper Towns’ will be to your liking. The three compatriots are amusing comedic relief throughout. The narrative picks up pace with the treasure hunt and gets crazier as the search goes on, leaving them all lost before they can find themselves.

5. All Summers End (2017)

Reeling from the guilt of having caused the accidental death of Grace’s older brother, young teen Conrad tries to come to terms with himself. Grace is unaware of his involvement in the tragedy and finds comfort in Conrad, growing closer to him. His relations with his friends begin to grow turbulent, as they are partly responsible for the incident and pressure him to spend less time with her. As Grace falls for him, Conrad struggles to tell her the truth.

The story, written and directed by Kyle Wilamowski, is one of having to deal with a multitude of overwhelming emotions as a young teenager who isn’t ready for them—but ultimately facing reality and trying to do the best one can. Similar to Kyle from ‘See You on Venus,’ Conrad has an incredibly guilty conscience. But where Kyle found solace in Mia, Conrad found deeper guilt in Grace’s intimacy.

4. Along for the Ride (2022)

‘Along for the Ride’, helmed by director Sofia Alvarez, tells the story of Auden, a girl who grew up too fast spending time in her mom’s world. Before going to college, she gets a chance to spend the summer with her dad in the seaside town of Colby. She immediately encounters more free-spirited people there and quickly makes friends. Dealing with Insomnia by wandering around the seaside, she meets Eli, a mysterious boy who convinces her to go on a quest to complete a fanciful wish of hers every night they meet. She is able to open herself up and enjoy a teen life she had never even dreamt of.

The film enjoys a relaxing lo-fi setting with the beach town’s nightscape. Eli becomes a symbolic representation of the town itself, an unfamiliar yet enticing experience for Auden, which makes her want to explore further. If you smiled at the self-discovery of characters in ‘See You on Venus,’ ‘Along for the Ride’ offers a journey of rediscovery and uninhibited excitement.

3. Now Is Good (2012)

Helmed by Ol Parker, ‘Now Is Good’ tells the story of Tessa, a bright and adventurous seventeen-year-old girl who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, which doesn’t leave her with much time left to live. She takes on an intense passion for life, determined to live her remaining days to their fullest. From taking drugs to losing her virginity, she sets out to do everything a teenager would experience. Her best friend Zoey becomes her accomplice, while her family deals with it on their own terms.

The arrival of neighbor Adam into her life is an unexpected but welcome one, giving her the deepest experience of all, as a romance sparks between them. The character of Tessa is reminiscent of Mia from ‘See You on Venus’ in being free-spirited and doing everything she wants to do, before she has to face the inevitable. Tessa’s poignant story invokes profound emotions as she discovers the experiences that hold meaning in our brief existences.

2. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

Nick is heartbroken over his ex-girlfriend having left him and moved on so fast, when a stranger, Norah, asks him to act like her boyfriend for a while. She wants to show her friend she isn’t alone at the concert and kisses Nick, with her friend turning out to be Nick’s ex. The two realize their shared passion for music and their favorite band, which is holding a secret surprise concert somewhere in town.

They kick off a midnight adventure around the streets of New York in Nick’s rackety car, running into all sorts of wild scenarios with both their exes on their tail. The romantic comedy by director Peter Sollett captures the exhilaration of an unpredictable adventure. The two go from strip clubs and concerts, to singing in the rain and writing songs. For fans of ‘See You On Venus’ who were enthralled by its escapades, ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ is a must-watch.

1. The Space Between Us (2017)

In the interplanetary tale of ‘The Space Between Us,’ by director Peter Chelsom, Gardner Elliot, a boy born on Mars, embarks on a journey back to Earth to reunite with his long-lost father and explore the blue planet’s wonders with his online friend, Tulsa. Like Mia from ‘See You on Venus,’ Gardner possesses an endearing innocence while grappling with a critical medical condition, racing against time to unravel mysteries before his heart fails.

Their odysseys involve not only discovering the beauty of an unexplored landscape but also seeking answers buried within their pasts, as well as navigating profound self-realization. Amidst this voyage of self-discovery and adventure, a heartwarming romance blossoms, weaving a touching narrative of friendship, exploration, and the distance-transcending nature of love.

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