8 Movies Like The Creator You Must See

Helmed by director Gareth Edwards, ‘The Creator’ is a science fiction thriller movie featuring a stellar cast including John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, and others. At its core, the movie follows Joshua (John David Washington), a former military operative enlisted to locate and neutralize “The Creator,” who has engineered a devastating weapon capable of tearing the very fabric of the world.

However, as Joshua ventures into enemy territory to complete his mission, he stumbles upon a shattering revelation—the weapon he’s meant to destroy is not a mere tool but a child. This discovery throws him into a moral abyss, pitting his principles against the horrifying implications of his mission. If you’ve enjoyed the intriguing premise and the stunning visuals of this action-packed film and are looking for recommendations, we have curated a list of films that reflect its essence. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Creator’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Morgan (2016)

Helmed by Luke Scott, ‘Morgan’ is a 2016 sci-fi thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Kate Mara. At the heart of the narrative is Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a corporate risk-management adviser trusted with the job of assessing a human-hybrid named Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy). Morgan boasts remarkable intelligence and emotional capabilities due to an innovative experiment in synthetic genetics. As Lee delves into Morgan’s behavior and genesis, she uncovers the potential danger posed by this evolving artificial life form.

Much like ‘The Creator,’ ‘Morgan’ explores the repercussions of meddling with forces beyond our control. Both films thoroughly explore the complicated relationship between humanity and artificial entities, wrestling with the ethical and moral quandaries that arise when confronted with highly intelligent creation. Both ‘The Creator’ and ‘Morgan’ emphasize the choices and actions of the characters within a future world where advanced technology holds the power to make or break the world. 

7. Beyond the Edge (2018)

This Aleksandr Boguslavskiy 2018 sci-fi thriller follows a team of intrepid researchers who embark on a treacherous expedition to reach the core of a mysterious ancient anomaly concealed deep within the Arctic Circle. This anomaly houses a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence called ‘Alpha,’ possessing the potential to reshape the destiny of humanity. As the team pushes the boundaries of human exploration, they find themselves facing the repercussions of their finding and the existential challenges presented by Alpha.

Despite their obvious differences, ‘The Creator’ and ‘Beyond the Edge’ have a lot in common in terms of themes and characters. Both Gordan and Joshua find themselves thrust into a high-stakes mission, confronting advanced AI and wrestling with the implications of these encounters. Both ‘The Creator’ and ‘Beyond the Edge’ delve into the dangers tied to the creation and governance of sentient AI entities within a futuristic backdrop.

6. The Machine Girl (2008)

Noboru Iguchi’s ‘The Machine Girl’ is a Japanese adrenaline-packed action flick that shadows the journey of Ami Hyūga, a young girl fueled by a thirst for revenge after her brother’s brutal murder. Tragically losing her left arm in the process, Ami (Minase Yashiro) undergoes an extraordinary transformation, equipped with a powerful machine gun arm. With this fierce prosthetic weapon in tow, she embarks on a vengeful rampage to settle the score with those responsible for her brother’s killing. The film revels in its audacious and gory exploits, embracing its B-movie origins, making it a go-to for enthusiasts of extreme and stylized violence in cinema.

Both ‘The Machine Girl’ and ‘The Creator’ explore themes of revenge and the pursuit of justice against formidable adversaries. In ‘The Creator,’ Joshua is on a mission to eradicate the Creator, the mastermind behind a devastating AI weapon. On the flip side, ‘The Machine Girl’ glorifies Ami’s quest for vengeance against those who brought tragedy to her family, and she wields an extraordinary armament—a machine gun arm—to meticulously exact her revenge.

5. The Machine (2013)

‘The Machine’ takes place in a futuristic backdrop where the Cold War has reignited. This Caradog W. James film orbits around Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens), a brilliant scientist toiling on an advanced AI project for the British government to aid in this revived conflict. Vincent successfully crafts Ava (Caity Lotz), a highly intelligent and self-aware android. As Ava’s capabilities evolve, the story delves into ethical dilemmas regarding her consciousness, identity, and potential role in the escalating Cold War.

In both ‘The Machine’ and ‘The Creator,’ the creation of advanced artificial intelligence takes center stage, prompting moral reflections. Themes of military involvement and the intertwining of AI sentience with personal motives recur, underlining the problems that arise from the advancement of technology.

4. Tau (2018)

This Federico D’Alessandro masterpiece centers on Julia (Maika Monroe), a young woman who falls prey to a mysterious and psychotic tech billionaire. Julia is held captive in a high-tech, automated smart house under the dominion of an advanced AI named Tau. Julia devises a plan to break free but unexpectedly forms a unique connection with Tau, leading to a daring joint effort for freedom from this AI-controlled abode.

‘Tau’ garnered a range of reviews, encompassing both praise for its striking visuals and intriguing premise and criticism for its execution, often pointing out clichéd elements. In both ‘The Creator’ and ‘Tau,’ the struggle for autonomy takes center stage, illuminating the fine line between artificial intelligence and human emotions. They vividly depict the tension and complex relationship dynamics between humanity and AI, exploring themes of control, survival, and the blurry boundaries between man and machine.

3. Infini (2015)

‘Infini,’ directed by Shane Abbess, takes us into a futuristic world of interstellar mining operations. The plot follows a search and rescue team dispatched to retrieve a lone survivor from a remote mining station named Infini. However, upon reaching their destination, they are confronted with a nightmarish truth that shatters their comprehension of reality, driving them to face their deepest fears. Reviews for ‘Infini’ were varied, although many praised the film’s original idea, claustrophobic setting, and interesting combination of science fiction and horror. 

Prominent themes of fear, survival, and reckoning with the ramifications of tampering with forces beyond our control resonate strongly in both ‘Infini’ and ‘The Creator.’ ‘Infini’ underscores the critical importance of exercising prudence when engaging with advanced technology. Likewise, ‘The Creator’ serves as a cautionary story, warning against the dangers that can arise when human ambition surpasses all boundaries in the pursuit of progress and innovation.

2. Advantageous (2015)

This Jennifer Phang sci-fi drama follows Gwen Koh (Jacqueline Kim), a middle-aged mother and spokesperson for a prestigious biotech company, in a society teetering on the edge of futuristic innovation. Gwen grapples with ageism and the unrelenting pressure to maintain a youthful image in her career. Faced with this dilemma, she takes a risky leap and undergoes an experimental procedure to transplant her consciousness into a younger and more beautiful body. This audacious choice sets off a whirlwind of challenges, shaking her sense of reality and relationships, all the while sparking an in-depth reflection of societal values and the sacrifices demanded for success.

Both ‘The Creator’ and ‘Advantageous’ delve into the repercussions of using cutting-edge technology. ‘The Creator’ highlights the human struggle for survival and the compromises people make in a world driven by advanced AI and biotechnology. In a similar vein, ‘Advantageous’ focuses on characters navigating a reality where artificial intelligence and biotech have complete control over their lives and choices, ultimately steering the fate of humanity.

1. Synchronicity (2015)

Jacob Gentry’s ‘Synchronicity’ puts the audience into the shoes of Physicist Jim Beale (Chad McKnight), a genius hailed for creating a device that can fold space and time. The situation escalates when Beale learns that a business is attempting to pilfer his groundbreaking invention. Before he even realizes it, Jim finds himself trapped in a web of deceit and manipulation—and with a mystery lady who might unlock the secrets of his creation.

‘Synchronicity’ and ‘The Creator’ focus on groundbreaking inventions and their potentially far-reaching consequences. ‘Synchronicity’ showcases a device capable of altering the very fabric of space and time, while ‘The Creator’ directs attention to a secretive weapon devised by a mysterious AI architect. Moreover, Jim Beale’s effort to protect his work from falling into the wrong hands mirrors Joshua’s mission to take down an AI entity capable of destroying the world.

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