Enjoyed We Have A Ghost? Here Are 8 Horror Comedies You Will Also Like

Netflix’s ‘We Have a Ghost‘ is a horror comedy film inspired by Geoff Manaugh’s novel ‘Ernest.’ The Christopher Landon directorial revolves around a family that moves into a house haunted by a harmless ghost. The family goes viral overnight after they post videos of the supernatural entity on the internet. Ernest, the ghost, might seem hilarious, but his past is far from that, to the point of CIA’s involvement. If you loved the bone-chuckling movie and are looking forward to re-creating the experience, we’ve compiled a list of similar films to make you laugh just as hard, if not more!

8. Topper (1937)

George and Marion Kerby are a fun-loving couple who lose their lives in a car accident. They are stuck in this realm because the two have neither committed good nor bad deeds. So, they decide to improve the life of Topper, the rigid president of a bank in which they once held stocks. However, Marion seems too interested in their little adventure, which doesn’t sit right with George, and he fumes jealousy. ‘Topper’ is a comedy fantasy classic by the director Norman Z. McLeod showcases a fun and uncanny dynamic between Topper and the Kerbys, where ghosts interact with humans, which is the central theme of ‘We Have a Ghost.’

7. Bhoothnath (2008)

When Banku, a young boy, moves into a new house with his family, he encounters a friendly ghost. He endearingly names the ghost Bhoothnath, and the two form a loving bond. They teach each other about their world, go on mischievous adventures, and learn valuable life lessons. ‘Bhoothnath’ is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Vivek Sharma, with a wholesome story of an unusual friendship. Akin to Ernest in ‘We Have a Ghost,’ Bhoothnath has a past that is a lingering mystery, revealed in the end.

6. What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

‘What We Do In The Shadows’ follow the lives of three roommates who are immortal vampire living in a contemporary world. They feed on human blood and have immense powers, but none of it helps in figuring out normal tasks like paying rent, doing chores, or sneaking into nightclubs. They invite a filming crew to record their lives, and we witness their shenanigans in the form of a documentary.

The horror comedy mockumentary film from New Zealand is directed and written by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. It was so loved by the audience that a TV show was created on the same. Much like Ernest, the hundreds of year-old vampires are struggling to adapt to the modern world, slowly losing their tendency to be frightening creatures.

5. Ghost Graduation (2012)

Five students die during their detention and haunt a school until one day, a teacher named Modesto comes along. Modesto can see ghosts, but unbeknownst to his abilities, he disregards his psychic powers as a mental illness. The principal learns about Modesto’s gift and asks him to undo the jinx that shut down her school. The Javier Ruiz Caldera directorial, ‘Ghost Graduation’ is a Spanish adventure comedy film originally titled ‘Promoción Fantasma.’ Unlike ‘We Have a Ghost,’ the interaction between the two realms turns out to be an amazing deal and stepping stone for the ghosts.

4. Ghost Dad (1990)

Elliot Hopper becomes a floating ghost after a car accident. After the passing of his wife, his only motive was to build a comfortable life for his children, and after neglecting life insurance, he is worried that the young ones will spend their lives impoverished. But he stumbles upon a paranormal scientist’s laboratory who gives him a chance to transform his children’s lives. ‘Ghost Dad’ is a fantasy comedy directed by Sidney Poitier, and congruent to ‘We have a Ghost,’ the spirit of Elliot brings great prosperity and security to his family.

3. Beetlejuice (1988)

Barbara and Adam Maitland die in a tragic car accident, and their spirits wander around the countryside, haunting people’s residences. They are stuck in one house with the annoying Deetzes, who are unbearable to these ghosts. They fail to terrorize the family with their ghastly presence but fail miserably. Until Beetlejuice, a troublemaker spirit, offers to help the failed ghosts.

However, his actions are detrimental to the Maitlands and Lydia, Deetzes’ innocent daughter. Director Tim Burton masterfully crafts this comedy fantasy movie, ‘Beetlejuice,’ where the Maitlands are quite similar to Ernest, who lacks the intimidating quality of a paranormal being.

2. Heart and Souls (1993)

Thomas Reily is protected by four people who became his guardian angels after a bus accident. They do not wish to heavily influence his life and think it’s only fair for them to be invisible to him. After 30 years, they return with a gleaming hope of being free souls and seek Thomas’ help. Together they sort out their problems and also guide him to become an ideal man.

The comedy fantasy movie, ‘Heart and Souls,’ is helmed by Ron Underwood, who breathes life into a unique fictional tale. Even though it is not paranormal like ‘We Have A Ghost,’ the gimmicks of the guardian angels assist Thomas, similar to the family who amassed popularity due to Ernest.

1. The Frighteners (1996)

After the tragic death of his wife, Frank Bannister acquires psychic powers which allow him to interact with ghosts. He abandons his architecture job and befriends ghosts to haunt houses. Together, they run an exorcism sham, where Frank pretends to exorcise the house from supernatural beings. He becomes infamous for the same, and one day encounters a Grim Reaper who is only visible to him.

Now, Frank Bannister must find a way to halt this entity’s killing spree. ‘The Frighteners’ is a horror comedy directed by Peter Jackson and features an alliance between ghosts and humans, which greatly benefits the latter, similar to ‘We Have a Ghost.’

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