Are Natasha and Mikey From From MAFS Australia Still Together?

Australia’s version of ‘Married At First Sight,’ just like the American version, is based on the Danish series of the same name. Like the title of the series suggests, the premise revolves around strangers getting married at first sight after being carefully analyzed and matched up by relationship experts. A camera crew follows their journey into married life and domestic bliss as they try to get to know each other and find love.

While some couples do find their happily ever afters in their partners, some couples crash and burn. Want to know how Natasha and Mikey from season seven of the Australian series fared and what they’re up to now? Keep reading!

Natasha and Mikey: Married At First Sight Journey

When the 26-year-old Natasha Spencer got paired up with the 28-year-old Mikey Pembroke, it seemed like they were a match made in heaven. Both Sydney natives looking for a deeper emotional connection, they had a lot in common, which had the fans hoping for a happy ending. And although the wedding was all smiles, Natasha had to do the one thing she didn’t want to, take the lead. But, after Mikey got over his initial awkwardness and nervousness, the couple was finally able to find their spark.

When Natasha and Mikey actually got to know each other on their honeymoon, they genuinely seemed like they had developed an interest in the other and that they were well on their way towards romance. Yes, following all that, when they came back to the real world, they had their issues and their arguments, but even a cheating rumor couldn’t shake their determination to try to make things work.

After meeting the parents and a few more arguments, the couple decided to skip a dinner party to focus on themselves and their relationship without being surrounded by other people and their dramas. Following this, during the third commitment ceremony, they shocked everyone by mutually breaking up. They had agreed that they were better off as friends and would like to keep it that way rather than argue all the time and ruin a good relationship. Natasha and Mikey’s break up has been one of the most amicable ones that the series has ever seen.

Are Natasha and Mikey Still Together?

No, they are not. Although Natasha and Mikey did quit the show and go on to lead separate lives, they still maintain a good and healthy connection with each other. When they had broken up, Mikey was heard saying: “I wish Natasha nothing but the best, I really hope she finds that person who is going to be there. You deserve the world, and you will get it.” And it looks like he meant it.

There have been numerous rumors as to why they had broken up – including one which suggested that Natasha had slept with Mikey’s dad, which was denied by both parties – but neither of them has let any of it get to their heads. In fact, now that Mikey has found love with Kelly Burke, Natasha has revealed to Daily Mail Australia that they all plan to catch up when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

It was in late March 2020 that Mikey introduced the world to his girlfriend via Instagram by publically posting a picture with her with a short and sweet caption that just said, “My girl !” The couple had started dating a few months before that.

As for Natasha’s romantic life, she currently seems to be single. There were rumors earlier on in the year that she was dating a man named Steve Cook, but she has never talked about it or confirmed the relationship on her social media. Right now, she is focusing on herself, her mental and physical well-being along with her career. The financial analyst has started working as a social media influencer, by working with brands on her Instagram and by having a YouTube channel that focuses on beauty and lifestyle.

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