Netflix’s Get Even Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Get Even’ is a teen drama that follows the story of four girls who are on a mission to change the brutal ways of their school. Tired of the bullying and other malpractices at Bannerman school, the girls form a group and named it Don’t Get Mad.The title comes from their motto: don’t get mad, get even. While exposing the wrongdoings at school, they get entangled in a murder investigation of one of their classmates. With the cops closing in on DGM as the culprit, the girls conduct an investigation of their own in which some startling secrets come out.

The series delivers a thrilling ride to the audience. As gripping as it is, it is also very beautiful to watch. From the majestic setting of the Bannerman school to the quaint local places in the town, the show paints the picture of a pretty town with some dirty secrets. If you want to know where ‘Get Even’ is filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is Get Even filmed?

Based on the book of the same name by Gretchen McNeil, the Netflix adaptation transfers the original American setting of the story to Britain. This also leads to some changes in the backstory of the characters as well as the locations that are important in the story. The one that doesn’t change is Bannerman, and it was the location of the school that drove the search for a perfect location for ‘Get Even’. The production settled on the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester, with most of the filming taking place on location.

Bolton, England

Over the years, Bolton has become a popular filming spot for British movies and TV shows. ‘Years and Years‘, ‘The Stranger‘, ‘Bancroft‘ and ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ are some of the shows that have set camp in Bolton in the recent years. ‘Get Even’, too, relies on several locations all over the town to create its world, rarely relying on made-up sets.

The most important location in the show is the Bannerman school. The place becomes a character in itself, and takes the form of an antagonist. Its unwelcoming and harsh environment breaks a lot of hearts and distresses a lot of students. What’s worse is that the authorities don’t mean to do anything about it. What also strikes us about Bannerman is how beautiful and grand it is. From the picturesque premises to the secret meeting tower of DGM, it often gives off the vibe of a castle. The role of Bannerman school is actually played by Bolton School. It is one of the largest private schools in the country, and boasts some famous people as its former pupils, for instance, Sir Ian McKellen.

While most of the story takes place inside the school premises, the show also diverts to other locations, all of which have been filmed in Bolton itself. The crew of ‘Get Even’ was spotted filming all over the city. They also filmed some scenes at the famous Le Mans Crescent, a site that has also appeared in another BBC hit, ‘Peaky Blinders‘.

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