Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ Unveils the Creepiest Trailer of the Year

Netflix’s upcoming horror ultimatum, ‘The Perfection’ unveils its scary trailer. The unsettling trailer introduces Allison Williams as a troubled musical prodigy who comes for a classmate from her former school. But when she comes across the girl, the encounter turns into a nightmare with shocking effects on the viewers. The trailer is cryptic in nature without revealing much of the plot.

Get Out‘ star Allison Williams and her companion ‘Dear White People’ actress Logan Browning are seen trekking through the countryside in the opening shots of the trailer. The trip turns into a panic-stricken outing with a bug-infested arm, larvae vomit, self-mutilation, and sexually charged situations. According to the makers, the movie follows the journey of two former musical prodigies tied together by a deadly secret from their past lives.

When unimaginable horror strikes Browning’s Lizzie, Allison Williams’ Charlotte seems to be indifferent to the tragic plight her companion and even suspects Lizzie. Charlotte seems jealous of Lizzie’s new instant fame as a musician. Allison Williams looks in her devilish best when pulls out and offer a butcher knife to cut off Lizzie’s bug-infested arm. The trailer also features some of the weirdest moments in recent time that related to food. From the raw chicken to creepy Asian tomatoes, all food items shown in the trailer bear a nauseating quality. The scenes hint at a horror-supernatural hybrid flavored with slasher elements.

‘It makes sense that anything heavy is handled in a confusing way, because nothing in life happens that tidily. This is a world in which people masquerade as one thing, but continue living another life, so the movie constantly, even in terms of its genre and aesthetic, puts on different masks,’ says Williams, careful not to slip out any plot points. ‘It’s convoluted, confusing, and doesn’t make sense until you have some perspective, she adds.

Richard Shepard directs the movie, which is his second collaboration with Williams after the HBO series ‘Girls.’ They collaborated for ‘Girls’ from 2012 to 2017, as Shepard directed 12 episodes of the HBO series. The ‘Don Hemingway’ director is all excited about the premises of the movie and its Netflix premiere. When ‘The Perfection’ was screened at Fantastic Fest last year, it garnered largely positive reviews. Co-written by Shepard, ‘The Perfection’ enjoys a score rendered by Austrian musician Paul Haslinger, who is known for ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.’ The movie features Steven Weber, and Alaina Huffman, in supporting roles. According to a Netflix press release, the movie is ‘overflowing with dizzying horror and sly dark humor.’

For Williams, ‘The Perfection’ is a crucial turn as it marks her sophomore performance after the critically acclaimed ‘Get Out.’ Her portrayal of the mysterious girlfriend who lures Daniel Kaluuya’s protagonist earned her fame and respect. Directed by Jordan Peele, ‘Get Out’ went on to become a cultural phenomenon and sociopolitical statement told through a psychological horror format. ‘The Perfection’ trailer often evokes memories of ‘Get Out.’ Moreover, Shepard follows a visual style which has been made popular by Lee.

‘I’m a big fan of Korean director Chan-wook Park and his thriller-horror movies Oldboy and The Handmaiden. There are so many crazy twists and turns, yet they somehow make sense because they’re character driven. I really wanted to try that in an American movie,” said director Shepard. ‘The Perfection’ welcomes an audience who’s coming for a specific kind of movie,’ said Browning. ‘But they have no idea what they’re really in store for. While they’re enjoying what they did come for, it’s also revealed that there’s something more; there’s depth to the story that they couldn’t have anticipated,’ she added.

Check out ‘the Perfection’ trailer and below.


‘The Perfection’ arrives on Netflix on May 24.