Review: Never Have I Ever Episode 10

In recent years, Netflix has turned out to be the best option for the teen audience. Covering dramas of all genres and cultures, the streaming service has delivered some exceptional TV shows. Be it the informative ‘Sex Education’, the witch-horror of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, the complicated coming-of-age drama of ‘On My Block’ or the Spanish high-school murder mystery in ‘Elite’, there is no shortage of quality shows that take place from the perspective of well drawn-out adolescent characters.

Mindy Kaling’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ joins this league and carves its rightful place in the midst of the already popular bunch. With its biting humor, multi-layered characters, and a charming storyline with an emotional touch, it manages to steal away your heart.

Never Have I Ever Episode 10 Recap

After getting into the fight with her mother, Devi decides to flee from home lest her mother takes her to India. She doesn’t have many options about where to stay. El and Fab are still not talking to her, and even though she had kissed Paxton, she can’t suddenly ask to move in with him. Also, after Nalini’s crude remarks about his intelligence, he finds it best to keep a distance from Devi. Eventually, her archnemesis, Ben Gross, turns out to be the only one she can count on.

With her living situation sorted out, Devi looks forward to the options for her future. After Ben jokingly mentions emancipation like child actors, Devi takes its seriously and starts researching how it can work out. Nalini, on the other hand, feels bad about not being on speaking terms with her daughter, especially on Mohan’s birthday. She decides to spread his ashes in Malibu and invites Devi to join her and Kamala. However, Devi believes that it is just another ploy for her mother to get rid of unnecessary things and refuses to be there.

Never Have I Ever Episode 10 Review

In its final episode, ‘Never Have I Ever’ tries to tie up all loose ends by giving a proper closure to Devi’s struggles. Her life started falling apart ever since the death of her father and her reluctance to confront her grief led her into a lot of trouble. She finds herself alone by the end, with no one to turn to. She tries to dig up more ways to run away. However, she runs out of her options and, ultimately, has to face her problems.

Trying to keep the episode on the lighter end, the finale walks an emotional line for both Devi and Nalini. In her ignorance, Devi continues to disregard the heartbreak that her mother is going through. She also doesn’t understand that her blindness comes not from her anger towards Nalini but because she has been procrastinating dealing with the loss that had hit her so hard that her entire life was threatened to fall apart.

Throughout the season, we got Devi’s state of mind in bits and pieces. She kept pushing back the memories that would trigger her pain and found distractions wherever she could. Be it trying to find a boyfriend, or indulging in the rumors about her and Paxton, or trying to fix the lives of her friends, or even developing a good friendship out of the intense competition with Ben, it is all the part of her distractions.

The debut of ‘Never Have I Ever’ easily puts it among the best teen shows on Netflix. The show brings together all the pieces that it had been working on bit by bit from Devi’s life and delivers a heartfelt reunion of her and Nalini. Another thing that happens quite smoothly is the set up for the next season. While we do get closure about some things, this is definitely not the end of Devi’s story. She has a lot more trouble to stir, and from the way the episode ends, it looks like things will only get interesting from here on.

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