Nicole and Brandon Young Are Still Happily Married

Image Credit: Nicole Young/Instagram

Although a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nicole Young has been calling the City of Angels in California her home since 2007 and has thus admittedly gotten used to the hustle-bustle of the area. Yet, if we’re being honest, as also indicated in Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘ season 7, only her loving life partner, Activision executive Brandon Young, has ever provided her with a sense of true belonging. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about this incredible couple — specifically focusing on their background, their union, as well as their current standing — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Nicole and Brandon Young’s Selling Sunset Journey

It’s unfortunately unclear precisely when Nicole and Brandon first came across one another, but we do know they got romantically involved around the early to mid-2010s before going public in 2014. In fact, the former did a hard launch by posting a solo of him in a shooting range during their cozy trip to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, which she proudly captioned “My man… dead sexy” with “#love.” It hence comes as no surprise their connection gradually continued to progress, especially as they even shared a passion for traveling across not just the nation but also the world for new experiences.

Therefore, of course, Brandon didn’t hesitate to pop the question in 2015, only for him and Nicole to tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony on April 22, 2017, surrounded by all their supportive loved ones. The truth is she has actually since referred to this as “the best day of her life, not because our epic wedding was the best party we’ve ever thrown, but because it was the day I became your wife and the day we became a family. I am so proud to call you my husband and so grateful to have you by my side through thick and thin.”

This was in the spring of 2022, and Nicole had even penned, “Time flies when you marry your best friend” prior to reflecting on them losing their fur baby Frankie by adding, “The past 7 months have certainly tested our marriage through a horrifically painful tragedy, but we survived stronger and more bonded than ever. I would have crumbled without you. I love you even more than the day I married you…best decision of my life ❤️ Now let’s celebrate!! @therealplanb.” Frankie was their female Brussels Griffon who went missing from near Elysian Park on September 14, 2021, sadly never to be found.

However, it seems like the past two years alone have made Nicole and Brandon even stronger, considering the unwavering support he has offered while she navigates both work and her office feuds. He was actually the one to advise her to speak to a lawyer before getting a toxicology test done to disprove the slandering drug claims against her, and he also sent a “f**k you” text to Amanza Smith for not having his wife’s back despite claiming to be a close friend. Neither of these obviously went unnoticed by the former, and she was extremely thankful he had her back in every sense of the term despite the fact she didn’t really condone the rude text he’d sent.

Are Nicole and Brandon Still Married?

Yes! Not only are Nicole and Brandon still happily married at the moment, but they also appear to be doing better than ever before alongside their two adorable fur babies, Miss Charlie and Leo. It’s actually undeniable that they both have always preferred to keep most of their personal lives well away from the limelight, yet the way they do show off one another on rare occasions makes it clear they’ll never let anything or anyone come in between them. Well, the Activision Music Affairs Director has his social media platforms on private these days, but the Oppenheimn Group’s realtor’s public presence is indication enough for this.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful husband, Brandon,” Nicole candidly penned for her beau earlier this year in August, with whom she resolutely, unabashedly continues to travel the world. “I am so thankful for the day you were born and thankful for every single day with you by my side! You elevate the lives of everyone around you and you are so loved and adored by everyone who knows you ❤️ Happy birthday my love! I love you always and forever!” And, of course, there’s the constant presence of a ring on her finger.

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