Now You See Me 3 Starts Filming in Budapest in July

The filming of ‘Now You See Me 3’ is set to commence in Budapest, Hungary, in July. Ruben Fleischer is directing the film, the third installment in the ‘Now You See Me’ franchise, based on a screenplay by Michael Lesslie and Seth Grahame-Smith.

In ‘Now You See Me 2,’ the Four Horsemen – J. Daniel Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Jack Wilder, and new member Lula May – receive instructions from the Eye, a clandestine society of magicians, through their handler, FBI Special Agent Dylan Rhodes. After being tasked with exposing corrupt tech CEO Owen Case, the group hijacks the launch of his latest cell phone in New York City. However, they are intercepted by a mysterious figure who reveals their secrets to the public. Subsequently, they find themselves in Macau, captured by Chase, Merritt’s twin brother, and brought to Walter Mabry, Owen’s former partner.

As the film progresses, Walter coerces Daniel into stealing a chip capable of accessing any computer system. Dylan, aided by magic debunker Thaddeus Bradley, confronts Daniel in Macau but is captured and imprisoned by Walter. With the help of the Horsemen, Dylan escapes and orchestrates a plan to expose Walter’s deception. They stage a grand performance in London, revealing Walter’s crimes to the world and outsmarting him. In the end, Thaddeus reveals himself as a member of the Eye and offers Dylan a place among them, signaling a new chapter for the Horsemen.

The plot of ‘Now You See Me 3’ remains undisclosed but hints from the second movie suggest potential directions for the franchise. The sequel concludes with Dylan receiving the offer to lead The Eye, hinting at the possibility of the Horsemen joining the organization. The speculations concerning the upcoming movie suggest it may take the form of a soft reboot, leveraging The Eye as a prime opportunity for such a transition. According to Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Daniel, the script maintains the unique tone that characterized the previous films, emphasizing intelligence and non-violence amidst excitement. Even though the actor didn’t dive into the specifics of the plot, Eisenberg’s remarks ensure that the film will likely uphold the distinctive essence of the franchise.

While the cast for the movie is under wraps, we may see the reunion of its star-studded ensemble. The core cast includes Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes, Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas, Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney, and Dave Franco as Jack Wilder. Isla Fisher’s absence in ‘Now You See Me 2’ led to Lizzy Caplan’s addition as Lula May and there is potential for both actresses to return, given that they portrayed different characters. Eisenberg’s recent remarks make it clear that his involvement in the project is confirmed.

Budapest is a well-known filming destination in Europe as far as Hollywood projects are concerned. The city most recently hosted the shooting of projects like ‘Dune: Part Two‘ and ‘Poor Things.’

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