Okayo From Love Village: Here’s All We Know About Her

When it comes to love, most people cannot wait to find their forever partner. However, the task is far from simple and seems to get complicated with age. In Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ various singles over the age of 35 try their own luck in order to have a happy ending to their romantic lives. In season 1 of the Japanese dating show, we get to meet many such hopefuls, including Okayo, whose romantic journey caught the eye of many. This has made many people curious about the reality TV star. Well, here is everything that we know about her!

Unveiling Okayo’s Ethnic Roots and Age

Okayo entered the Netflix series at the age of 39 in hopes of finding her love match. Born in Osaka, Japan, she graduated from high school but did not enter college. As it turns out, Okayo was one of the youngest participants in the show’s first installment, with the oldest cast members being about 60 years old. During the initial phase of the show, she remained under the radar though that did not hide away her amicable nature and earnestness to create good bonds and find a match for herself. Apart from forming a friendship with other female participants, the reality TV star was also on amicable terms with Johnny prior to his departure from the show.

Okayo’s Professional Career

As for her professional life, Okayo works as a clerk at a convenience store. Her career did seem to have some ups and downs, and while on the show, she sought Johnny’s advice regarding the same, given his background as a psychologist. She stated how she had been having some problems with her superior and wanted to rectify the situation. Johnny suggested that while servicing the customers was indeed a good thing for her, she should take steps to ensure that her boss is happy with her work. This seemed to resonate with Okayo, who seemed quite thankful for the advice.

Okayo’s Dating Life After the Series

It does not seem like Okayo is dating anyone as of writing. Prior to coming to the show, she had indeed been married once and seemed eager to find her forever partner. During the initial episodes of the Netflix series, her choices were Hollywood, Johnny, Anchovy, and Tabo, and she did not seem heavily interested in any of them, though she did remain on amicable terms with them. That being said, we are hopeful that Okayo will soon find a match for herself, and happiness will quickly follow afterward. It is evident that Okayo is interested in finding a love match as she took part in the Netflix show, but that does not mean that she has decided to simply settle. Indeed, her earnestness to find a perfect partner is something to be admired.

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