Only Murders in the Building Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

Episode 8 of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ brings Charles, Oliver, and Mabel’s search of Tim Kono’s killer into the last stretch. The trio is posed with the near-impossible challenge of crafting a compelling final episode for their podcast after Teddy threatens them.

In doing so, the trio takes the help of their podcast’s fans and begins to compile all the evidence they have against Teddy Dimas and his deaf son, Theo. However, in the episode’s closing moments, a head-spinning revelation turns the tables on Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. Here’s what happens at the end of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 8 and what it means for the case of Tim Kono’s death. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Only Murders in the Building Episode 8 Recap

The episode titled ‘Fan Fiction’ opens with Teddy threatening Mabel and Oliver by the dumping ground. He tells them to put out a final episode revealing Tim died by suicide by the following day. After Oliver and Mabel return to the Arconia, they tell Charles about Teddy’s threat. However, Charles and his girlfriend, Jan, reveal that they have sufficient info from Tim’s phone to prove that Tim was after the Dimases and saw Theo push Zoe over the ledge on New Year’s Eve.

The trio meets up with Detective Williams in hopes of getting backup, but she tells them that her hands are tied. Furthermore, the toxicology report on Tim’s body hasn’t arrived, which means she has no further clues for them. She suggests that they craft an air-tight case against the Dimases and release it through their podcast, after which she can take action and have the Dimases arrested.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver get to work, and Jan and Oscar also try to help. Oscar reveals that Tim had already bought the ring and was expecting the delivery the night he died. The trio suspects that the Dimases have the ring. Jan keeps suggesting they look at a different suspect, much to the frustration of Mabel and Oliver. Oliver gets the help of the podcast’s fans, who help the trio come up with their theory of implicating the Dimases in Tim’s death. They release the episode, and the police arrest the Dimases. However, Detective Williams finds evidence that further complicates the case.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 8 Ending: Did The Dimases Kill Tim Kono?

In the episode’s closing moments, Detective Williams speaks to Oliver, congratulating him on bringing the Dimases to justice for their role in Zoe and Tim’s death and exposing their grave robbing activities. Just then, she receives the toxicology reports that reveal Tim died by poisoning and was already dead when he was shot. She also gets a security camera picture that proves that the Dimases weren’t in the Arconia the night Tim died. Both these pieces of evidence strongly suggest that the Dimases did not kill Tim Kono.

Of course, Teddy and Theo will still be put on trial for their part in Zoe’s death and their illegal grave robbing and black market jewelry operation. Therefore, it is safe to say that they will not be posing a threat to Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. However, the real killer is still out there and is keeping a watchful eye on the trio. The real killer intentionally allowed the trio to implicate the Dimases so as to divert suspicion from them. Ultimately, the Dimases proved to be a red-herring despite the abundance of evidence against them.

What Happened to Jan? Is She Dead?

In another shocking and gripping moment, the episode leaves the fate of Jan up in the air. In the final moments, after Charles learns that the trio was wrong about the Dimases, he heads over to Jan’s apartment to apologize to her. However, when he arrives, the door is unlocked, and Jan is lying on the floor with a stab wound on the side of her torso. The episode ends as Charles cries for help.

Earlier in the episode, when Jan leaves the group’s discussion and returns to her apartment, she finds a note that reads “I’m Watching You.” This note is clearly from the real killer who likely harmed Jan to send a message to the trio. Jan’s body lies on the floor, cold, with groceries scattered around but no visible pool of blood. This could mean that she is merely unconscious and still alive. If the purpose of harming Jan was indeed to send a message to Charles and his friends, the killer likely made sure that she would not die from the wound. Therefore, there is a possibility that Jan is still alive.

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