Outlander Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Where the Waters Meet

The sixth episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7, titled ‘Where the Waters Meet,’ follows the aftermath of the Rebels’ decision to run away from Fort Ticonderoga to avoid a defeat to the British Army. James “Jamie” Fraser and Claire Fraser lead a group of civilians away from the fort, only to confront severe challenges. Claire ends up at the British camp and meets Jamie’s son William Ransom. Back in the 20th century, Roger meets a mysterious man, who is sneaking around his house. Intrigued by the nuanced ending of the episode, we have dived deep into it. These are our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

‘Where the Waters Meet’ begins with Jamie and Claire leading a group of civilians through a forest to safety. A group of British soldiers scares the civilians by pretending to be Native Americans. Jamie and Young Ian team up to kill them. Claire, on the other hand, sets out to look for Mrs. Raven, who immensely fears Native Americans. Fearing that she will never be in safety, Mrs. Raven kills herself in front of Claire. A stunned Claire gets abducted by a British soldier, who takes her as a prisoner. Jamie and Young Ian, after killing their enemy soldiers, learn that Claire has been captured. Young Ian returns to the fort to save his aunty since Native Americans, an ally of the Crown, aren’t suspected by the British.

William Ransom reports to his superior at the fort and lets the latter know that he couldn’t deliver the letters due to the accident he got into. When William reveals that he knows Samuel Cartwright is a rebel, his superior lets him know that the recipients of the letters are British spies who had infiltrated the Continental Army. Claire encounters Walter at the fort as a prisoner, who is suffering from an embolism. She asks William for medicines and bandages to treat her fellow prisoners. William recognizes her as the matriarch at Fraser’s Ridge, only for Claire to realize that the soldier in front of her is none other than her husband Jamie’s son.

Although Claire tries to save Walter using the supplies William provides her, the prisoner eventually dies. Young Ian saves Claire from the British Army with the help of William, who gets forced to help the former because he owes his life to him. Roger MacKenzie becomes a teacher at his son Jemmy’s school to teach Gaelic. While passing a collection of Gaelic songs, he accidentally passes his journal as well. The same is read by Brianna’s colleague Rob Cameron. Rob introduces himself to Roger and forces the latter to invite him to have dinner with the MacKenzies.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 6 Ending: Whom Does Roger Smack? Why?

Ever since Jemmy starts talking about interacting with the nuckelavee, a horse-like demon in the Orcadian folklore, Roger has been aware that someone is lurking around Lallybroch, pretending to be a demon. After the class, Roger sees a man and chases him. It is evident that he also recognizes the famed nuckelavee, who is none other than William “Buck” Buccleigh MacKenzie, the illegitimate son of Dougal MacKenzie and the 20th-century-born time traveler Geillis Duncan. They are both from the same family, which makes Buck a distant ancestor of Roger. Buck has been staying around Lallybroch as the nuckelavee after traveling to the 20th century from the eighteenth century.

This is not the first time Roger and Buck encounter each other. Their history also explains why the peace-loving Roger gives a smack to the uninvited guest. In the seventh episode of the fifth season, after Roger has traveled back to the past for Brianna, he encounters Morag MacKenzie, Buck’s wife. He embraces the woman, who must be his great-great-grandmother. Buck, however, gets offended upon seeing a stranger embracing his wife. He not only beats Roger but also hangs him, only to leave him to die. Although Roger escapes from the life-threatening predicament, the incident is nothing but traumatic for him.

Roger smacks Buck as an act of vengeance for trying to kill him back in the past. In the upcoming episodes, Roger may find out why Buck traveled through time, likely hoping that it is not just to scare his children Jemmy and Amanda.

Why Doesn’t Jamie Leave the Militia?

When the Revolutionary War breaks out, Jamie initially decides to fight for the Rebels, especially after learning all about the history of America from Claire and Brianna. He then changes his mind after the realization that there isn’t a right side to join in this war. Jamie doesn’t want to aim his gun against his own son William and the Mohawks, the people of his nephew Young Ian. He doesn’t want to fight against the Rebels either since he knows that they are not demanding anything that shouldn’t be demanded. The Scotsman decides to leave for Scotland during the War to avoid taking part in the same. Still, he gets forced to be a part of the Militia to fight for the Rebels.

By the time the Rebels run away from Fort Ticonderoga, Jamie’s period of enlistment comes to its conclusion. Still, he decides to remain in the militia after talking to Daniel Morgan, who leads a group of riflemen. Jamie changes his mind about fighting the War because he realizes that the people around him need his help. Even though he initially believes that it is not his war to fight, it doesn’t take long for him to realize any war is his war to fight if his fellow men are suffering. He doesn’t want to abandon the people, whose lives are hanging by a thread due to the War.

After learning about the British Army’s extensive plans to bring the Continental Army down, Jamie must have realized that he cannot abandon his group just because he doesn’t want to stand against his son on the battlefield. He must have perceived that the War is more than him and his son, which seemingly convinces him to say yes to Morgan, who seeks his participation beyond his period of enlistment.

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