Corey Johnson: Where is Outlast Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ is a survival reality show that follows 16 contestants stranded in a remote area in Alaska. They must outlast other teams to go home with a $1,000,000 prize fund. But what sets it distinct from other survival programs is that contestants must always remain in a team or go home empty-handed. To decide who will live until the end, they must collaborate and form a community while acting with their survival strategies.

The Bravo team’s Corey Johnson is one of several intriguing characters abandoned on an island in Alaska who must continue surviving to make it to the top. Fans were curious to see his journey and how, with Javier‘s micromanaging and Alaska’s temperature dropping, Corey had to decide between continuing amidst the wet and cold or going home to his warm bed. With fans now eager to learn more about him, here’s everything we found!

Who is Corey Johnson?

28-year-old Corey Johnson hails from Parker, Colorado, and has spent his entire life in the state. He grew up around a loving family surrounded by beautiful pups, whom he lovingly calls his “brothers.” Corey’s mother, Kelly Anne Johnson, has always been a pillar and rock in his life, and the reality TV star never misses a moment to share beautiful words for her on social media.

Corey has two other brothers, Cameron and Clayton, with whom he is very close. The siblings share an endearing bond and are often seen showering each other with words of upliftment. On the relationship front, Corey had been dating his long-term girlfriend Marta, and the pair had their first baby girl in December 2017. In March 2019, he faced a challenging situation when he became the victim of theft. 

Corey Johnson is Focusing on Family Now

When the reality TV star appeared on the show, fans were not very convinced that the boy-next-door type, Corey, had what it takes to make it to the end. He faced problems throughout his journey, with the Bravo team being one of the last to create and sustain fire. Moreover, Javier’s constant comments and remarks and micromanaging attitude made it more difficult for Corey to carry on. 

Corey worked as a model, survivalist, and Bartender in Colorado. After being with Marta Johnson since 2017 and sharing two beautiful girls, the duo married on May 7, 2022. They have been jointly making memories and spending their best time in each other’s arms, surrounded by their adorable dogs and beautiful girls. The Eaglecrest High School alumna currently resides in Parker, Colorado, caring for his family and working toward making it big in the modeling industry. We wish Corey the best and hope all his dreams are fulfilled. 

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