Outlast: Who is Timothy “Tim” Spears? Where is He Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ is one of the most talked about survival shows out there. It is one of the most dangerous game shows where contestants are put in a life-threatening location in Alaska where the contestants must find a way to stay alive, and the last group standing or the first group to survive and reach the finish line is the winner. Interestingly, there are no eliminations, and contestants can leave the show or change teams whenever they wish. Timothy “Tim” Spears started his journey as a team member of the Bravo team alongside Javier, Brian, and Corey. Well, let’s dive in and find out everything about Tim, shall we?

Who is Tim Spears?

Timothy “Tim” Spears is a 33-year-old Fitness Trainer, Survivalist, and Adventurist who hails from Cedar Bluff, Alabama. He is a very jolly, fun-loving person who loves to stay around his family and make memories. At face value, Tim might seem like a party and fun freak; however, deep within, he is a romantic and is often seen leaving his day job and getting lost in the beauty of nature.

Timothy is an avid nature lover, so he came on the show to explore his adventurous side more. Though he is often seen sharing his life on social media, he has kept his personal details and the identities of his family away from the limelight. In his downtime, when Tim isn’t busy changing the lives of his clients, he is caught backpacking, trail running, cooking, reading, and podcasting.

Where is Tim Spears Now?

Tim was randomly chosen to be part of the Bravo team on the show. They had to tackle several problems, including Javier’s constant bickering and micromanaging and the group’s inability to start the fire in one go. Despite finding shelter and building a fire, cracks among the team began to show. As a result, it was hard for Tim to carry out the day-to-day activities with Javier’s “leadership qualities,” which became annoying from the very first day. After the show stopped filming, Tim returned to his home in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he moved in 2017.

Tim is currently working as a Trainer at Crunch Fitness Fort Collins, where he helps clients with different body aesthetics who are simply looking out for a mentor to help them achieve their body goals. On January 21, 2023, he received a prestigious certification after completing his Concealed Carry Training by Croft Tactical, LLC. Tim also has a dormant YouTube page where he has uploaded different informative videos.

When the Fort Collins resident isn’t at the gym, he is working on his plant babies, and the trainer with the green thumb is already ready to adopt more plants. On the relationship front, he is currently single, and his social media attests to the same. As of writing, Tim Spears is very busy furthering his career, and we hope the reality TV star finds immense success soon.

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