Why Did Javier Colón Leave Outlast? Where is He Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ takes viewers on a thrilling journey through some of the world’s most dangerous yet beautiful places to live in. Working in teams, each contestant tried their best to utilize their skills in the best way possible in hopes of bagging the million-dollar cash prize as the winner of the survival show. However, the events can often turn against your favor leading to one’s elimination despite their wish to continue. Season 1 contestant Javier Colón had to go through something similar though that did not make the contestants love him any less. In fact, his admirers are very eager to know where the reality TV star is these days. So, let’s dive right in and find the answers you need!

Why Did Javier Colón Leave Outlast?

Entering the Netflix competition at 42, Javier Colón became a member of Bravo Camp soon after the show started. While his life as a nomadic person allowed him to learn many survival skills, it also made him feel uncomfortable about working in a team. He tried to take the leadership role for his group, which amused and irked his teammates, Brian Kahrs, Timothy “Tim” Spears, and Corey Johnson.

Due to some setbacks on the first night and their reluctance to work under Javier’s “micromanaging,” Tim and Corey decided to leave the competition. This left him and Brian as the only two members of Bravo Camp who tried their best to make the best of the situation. The pair’s base was a sturdy log cabin that seemed better than the bases of the other groups. They could also form an alliance with Alpha Camp, though they soon came to regret the decision.

Shortly after the crab pot task, Alpha Camp told Javier and Brian that they planned on stealing from the bases of the other two camps. Despite their friendship, the two did not want anything to do with the plan. They were beyond horrified when they learned that Alpha Camp’s Justin Court had stolen all the sleeping bags from Delta Camp. The tactics prompted Brian to willingly leave the next day, much to Javier’s frustration as he now did not have a teammate.

Since the only way to stay in the completion was to be with a team, Javier approached Delta Camp to gain a new group. He told his potential new teammates, Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate, that they should join him on his camp as it was pretty well built, and he did have one extra sleeping bag. Meanwhile, the conversation was overheard by Alpha Camp, who decided to try and raid Bravo Camp’s base. Javier quickly rushed back to his base and packed most of his stuff to join Delta Camp on the other side of the Neka river.

Unfortunately, Dawn and Joel decided to quit the competition as well, as they had been struggling to live in the Alaskan wilderness without their sleeping bags and were tired of how the game was being played. Given his recent rivalry with Alpha Camp, Javier decided to burn down his log cabin so that his rivals could not use it for themselves. As a last resort, he approached Charlie Camp to ask if they would let him join them. Due to their recent alliance with the Alpha Camp, they politely rejected the solo player, leading to his elimination.

Javier Colón is Focusing on His Life Now

Though primarily based in San Francisco, California, Javier Colón is a traveler by heart and, more often than not, is out exploring the world. As of writing, he seems to be exploring Vietnam’s beauty and often shares his updates on social media. In fact, Javier has more than 23 years of experience in the field of international outdoor travel, which has led him to accomplish some mind-blowing feats.

Whether it is backpacking across Spain for 32 days or traversing 18,000 miles on a bicycle during his journey from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, there are few things that the reality TV star enjoys more than adventuring and cycling. The only thing that seems to compare to Javier’s passion for traveling is his love for food, which he indulges in during his visits to various places worldwide.

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