Outlast: Who is Justin Court? Where is He Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast‘ is well-known for presenting its contestants with a unique set of survival challenges that lets everyone know just how harsh nature can be. The dire conditions the participants must endure to win the competition leave the viewers in awe of their dedication and skills. One such participant to steal the heart of his fans is none other than Justin Court. While his time in season 1 had its fair share of controversial moves, one cannot deny that the reality TV star was determined to win. Naturally, people are pretty curious about Justin and his current whereabouts. Well, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Who is Justin Court?

Entering the Netflix show at 44, Justin court was far from a novice during his time in the competition when it came to surviving in the wild. His skills with a bow and army background certainly benefitted him and his teammates. Along with Jill Ashlock, Amber Asay, and Lee Ettinger, Justin was a part of Alpha Camp. However, from the first day, he started butting heads with Jill Ashlock over how the team should function.

Despite their issues, Justin’s team could work together when needed, especially after Lee’s exit. However, trouble arose when all the teams were asked to build a raft to travel downstream the Neka river to reach an island and collect crab pots. While every other team made a raft as fast as possible, Justin ignored the time constraints and took his time to build the most efficient raft. His delay in the task infuriated Jill and Amber, who traveled to the island on foot during the low tide and grabbed the pots on their own. However, the adventure left them heavily soaked.

Upon returning, the two women called Justin for help, but he did not hear them while still working on his raft. This led him to argue with his teammates, who stated that his perfectionist tendencies were not team-friendly. Even though Justin’s raft was now not required for traveling to the island, Alpha Camp could still use it to catch some crabs. They also decided to cross the river and raid one of their rivals’ bases using the vehicle. Once again, Justin decided to take his time and make a camouflage to use the tricks he had learned as an army man. This put him in another argument with Jill.

However, Justin did cross the river and steal the Delta Camp’s sleeping bags. Yet, while Justin was trying to return to his raft, Delta Camp members saw their ransacked base. They tried to accuse Charlie Camp of the robbery but then spotted the Alpha Camp’s raft, leading to Dawn Nelson’s ultimatum. The thief had to surrender before she finished counting, or she would puncture the rubber tubes that kept the raft afloat. Hiding in a tree, Justin did not give in, leading to his raft getting destroyed. He then waited for everyone to leave before crossing the river alone.

Alpha camp’s inner workings remained steady for some time, but things changed after the trio caught some delicious salmon. Jill and Amber stated that Justin’s behavior had changed massively, and they suspected him of taking more food than his fair share. Hence, Jill set her bag in a certain way to know if Justin was going through their stuff. Upon seeing the changed positions of the gloves, both women felt satisfied with their assumptions and confronted Justin.

After hearing the accusations from his teammates, Justin told them that he had soiled his pants and was urgently looking for a change of clothes. He emphasized that he did stumble on Jill’s bags and put the gloves back, not thinking much of where exactly they had been. Regardless, Jill and Amber did not believe him, and Charlie Camp decided to capitalize on the situation. The latter team asked Justin to become a part of their group.

Furious about his treatment, Justin agreed to the switch and left Alpha Camp with his belongings. He even ripped the tarp that served as the covering for their base. This upset Jill and Amber, and they wrote a note to Charlie Camp detailing their side of the story. While Justin’s new team was unwilling to trust the two women fully, they did ask him for some clarification regarding the destroyed base. When he agreed that he had done that, the rest of the Charlie Camp became uncomfortable and asked the former Armyman to leave as they did not think his actions aligned with how their team worked. Ultimately, Justin fired his flare gun and exited the show.

Where is Justin Court Now?

As of writing, Justin court lives in La Grange, Kentucky. A Blacksmith by profession, he serves as a Farrier for Churchill Downs Racetrack. Additionally, the reality TV star works as an Outside Sales Representative for LeafFilter Gutter Protection. Apart from the outdoors and using his bow, Justin is proficient in jiujitsu, having earned a black belt. According to him, he has also survived an avalanche and is highly interested in surfing; he has done the latter in various locations worldwide.

Though his adventures have left Justin with his fair share of broken bones, the ex-military man does not seem to regret them much. “I’d rather have a broken bone than a broken heart,” he shared. Surviving outdoors remains a passion for Justin, who always focuses on three elements to make the best of any situation — mindset, tactics, and gear. Moreover, he cares for his physique and is always eager to improve himself. “I train every day to be hard to kill,” he explained.

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