Amber Asay: Where is Outlast Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ is a survival reality show that leaves its contestants stranded in an isolated location in the wilds of Alaska. They must outlast one another in a contest with a $1 million prize pool. But what sets it apart from previous survival shows is that the lone wolf can only triumph as a group to determine who will survive until the end. They must cooperate and create a civilization while acting with their survivor tactics. The show’s debut season features several interesting personalities deserted on an island in Alaska, including Alpha Camp’s Amber Asay. Here is everything you need to know about the ‘Outlast’ cast member!

Who is Amber Asay?

Since the beginning, Amber attempted to be resourceful and brave to help her team reach the top. After taking a dark path to sabotage other team members of the Delta team, Jill and Amber were alone after Justin asked Charlie Camp to take him in; when they refused, he quit the show. Ultimately Charlie Camp won, and Alpha Camp became the runner-up.

After battling addiction and getting shot in the face by the guy she loved, Amber bravely turned her life around. She went on a three-day excursion into the desert with a shaman to heal. Amber hiked 26 miles through the Enchantments, one of North America’s toughest excursions, and has since taken up long-distance trekking, commonly known as thru-hiking. She has also immersed herself entirely in her journey of finding herself through yoga, hiking, and the manifestations that keep her going. The reality TV star is very close to her 99- old-Nana, with whom she shares a loving relationship.

Amber Asay is Thriving as a Yoga Instructor

Image Credit: Amber Asay/Linkedin

Amber Asay is currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, and is living the best “single dream” by exploring nature and loving herself by being surrounded by loved ones who help her in her journey. After the show ended, she returned to her job as a Yoga Instructor/Customer Experience Specialist Yoga at Alta Climbing, where she has been working since Nov 2021.

The reality TV star is also the Project Coordinator at LGE Design. She secured the position in May 2022 and has worked with the company ever since. Before working at LGE Design, she was the Operation Coordinator at American Cleaning Systems. Interestingly, she was the Circus Coach at the Circus School of Arizona. We wish Amber all the best with her life and future endeavors.

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