Outlast: Who is Lee Ettinger? Where is He Now?

If you are into survival shows, ‘Outlast’ is the best option to binge on. The Netflix show follows 16 contestants competing against each other to take home $1 million. However, Netflix always delivers when creating new twists. One can only win the show if they are part of a team. Contestants must always remain a part of a team to “outlast” the rest. Lee Ettinger entered the show with high hopes and aimed to win and bring home the prize money. Though things didn’t go as he might’ve expected, he definitely became a fan favorite. Thus, many must naturally be interested in learning more about the reality TV star’s life. If you’re paddling in the same boat of curiosity, we have you covered.

Who is Lee Ettinger?

Bigfork, Montana native Lee Ettinger is very private about displaying the details of his personal life in public. Therefore, it is no surprise that he has kept his family and friends off his social media profile lest they fall prey to unnecessary media attention. As per reports, the reality TV star has lived quite a life filled with fun experiences that make his “CIA-ish” nature more intriguing to the audience. The 57-year-old truly ticks all the boxes regarding talent, personality, and stunning looks.

By profession, Lee is a Marine with deployments in a Special Operations Qualified Advance Landing Unit. He has spent blood and sweat trying to ace Advanced Combat Skills training. After many years of pushing hard; finally, Lee’s hard work paid off, and he was Airborne qualified. Interestingly, the reality TV star had also spent around five years in rural Japan while working for the Japanese government. 

Where is Lee Ettinger Now?

Lee Ettinger joined the Alpha group and worked towards driving his team to victory. The Alpha team comprised Jill, Amber, and Justin, with the former the brains and the rest following her leadership. Though there were instances when the team argued with Jill, the conflicts were sorted shortly after, and the team knew the importance of fighting together.

Lee faced several problems while being stranded in Alaska’s wet and cold valley. Nevertheless, he pushed through every pain. As Lee has not shared primary information about his life, one can only assume that the reality TV star is still working for the government or in the Marines. From what we can tell, he still resides in Bigfork, Montana. We are genuinely grateful to Lee for his service to the country, and we hope he continues the excellent work. 

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