Joel Hungate: Where is Outlast Contestant Now?

For a survival show like Netflix’s ‘Outlast,’ the determination and talents showcased by the cast members are as crucial as the series format. After all, few people can survive in a competition like this, where nature and humans work against you. For season 1‘s Joel Hungate, the story was no different as he tried his best to be a part of the winning team. Naturally, many people are eager to know where the reality TV star is. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Who is Joel Hungate?

At 33, Joel Hungate entered the Netflix competition hoping to win the million-dollar cash prize meant for the team that would outlast everyone else. After all the cast members were divided, Joel was a part of Delta Camp and his teammates, Jordan Williams, Paul Preece, and Dawn Nelson. The four felt like they had to group because the other three teams did not want them, which left them determined to prove everyone else wrong.

Not long after the start of the competition, Delta Camp ended up being the last team to retain all four of its original members. This encouraged Joel’s team even more, who bonded with each other over their interests and families. More than anything, it was the enthusiasm and competitive spirit of Jordan that kept the group going. However, things took a turn after he collapsed due to the group’s meager food supply.

After Jordan was medically evacuated, he confirmed his exit via a handwritten letter through which he asked his teammates to stay strong and to keep playing in the name of their loved ones. The message left Joel and the others crying as they mourned the departure of their teammate. Nevertheless, he and Dawn were shocked when they realized that Paul had abandoned them and joined Charlie Camp.

Furious about the apparent betrayal, the remaining members of Delta Camp confronted Paul and asked him if they meant nothing to him. The bad blood between the two camps led Joel and Dawn to suspect his new team when they found that the Delta Camp’s base had been robbed and their sleeping bags were missing. The duo soon spotted an unknown raft on their side of the Neka river. This made them realize that someone on the Alpha or Bravo Camp had done the robbery.

Dawn issued an ultimatum for the thief to come out of hiding, or she would puncture the rubber tubes on their raft. She followed up on this, and Justin Court, who had raided the Delta Camp base, now had to cross the river alone. Meanwhile, Joel and Dawn tried their best to spend the night without sleeping bags. The next day, they learned that Javier Colón of the Bravo Camp was willing to partner with them as his last teammate, Brian Kahrs, had also left.

However, neither Alpha nor Charlie Camp was happy with the possible alliance and decided to sabotage the development. While Alpha Camp raided Javier’s base, Charlie Camp ensured that the Delta Camp would not find solace on their side of the river. Tired of the tactics being used and afraid of spending another night without insulation in the Alaskan wilderness, Joel and Dawn decided to leave the competition.

Joel Hungate is a Proud Family Man Today

As of writing, Joel Hungate is based in McCordsville, Indiana. The survivalist continues to develop his skills and has completed many mountaineering expeditions. One of his trekking journeys saw Joel helping the injured during a rock-sliding incident in West Mongolia. He was also among the first people to summit the mountain they had been climbing. Apart from his outdoor talents, Joel is an Engineer and Healthcare Professional.

Currently, Joel holds the position of Director of Hancock Wellness and Employer Strategy for Hancock Regional Hospital. In addition, the survivalist is a Mental Health Advocate and a leader for the Infrastructure of Well-Being. Moreover, Joel is happily married and a proud father of three children, Max, Charlotte, and Amelia. If there is anything that makes the reality TV star happiest, it’s spending time with his family and doing the outdoor activities he loves so much.

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