Paul Preece: Where is Outlast Season 1 Winner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ is an entertaining reality show for anyone who loves adventure and nature. The survival series has a unique set of parameters that make it an enthralling experience for the viewers at home. Naturally, fans have a lot of respect for the various cast members who decided to take on this grueling challenge. However, the fact that Paul Preece was a part of the winning team in season 1 helped the reality TV star gain many admirers. Many people are eager to learn more about Paul’s journey and current whereabouts. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Paul Preece’s Outlast Journey

47-year-old Paul Preece entered the Netflix show and soon became a part of Delta Camp, along with Jordan Williams, Dawn Nelson, and Joel Hungate. Since this group apparently consisted of people who were not immediately accepted into the other three teams, Delta Camp members were eager to showcase what they could do to everyone. Paul especially wanted to win the $1 million cash prize to make his daughter proud.

After the first few rounds of eliminations, Delta Camp remained the only group with four members, which helped them gain a significant advantage. Nevertheless, things quickly took a turn after the crab pot mission. Though the team had built its raft and sent Jordan ahead, the latter was unable to gain access to the island with the bounty. Paul approached Charlie Camp to secure food, hoping to share some of his catch with the allied team. Not only did he secure a crab pot, but he also gained a proposition to switch teams.

Initially loyal to Delta camp, Paul did not make a switch. However, he was heartbroken when Jordan was medically evacuated after being unresponsive for some time. After confirmation that his friend would not return, he switched to Charlie Camp, which infuriated his previous teammates. Soon, Paul became a crucial part of his new team and even secured an alliance with Alpha Camp to eliminate the other two groups.

Shortly after Camps Bravo and Delta were eliminated, Charlie Camp had to say goodbye to Angie Kenai due to her deteriorating health. The remaining team members pledged to win the competition in her honor. Paul once again approached Jill Ashock while hunting and asked her if she would be willing to switch camps. After many days of deliberation, she turned down the request. On the other hand, Charlie Camp gave the same offer to Justin Court, who accepted. But after learning that he had destroyed the base of his ex-teammates before leaving, Paul’s team asked him to step down from their group as well.

With only five members from the two teams remaining, both groups had to trek to a certain point on the island via different routes. Wading through multiple water streams and walking a very long distance, Paul was unsure if he would be up to the task of completing the journey. Thanks to his team members’ encouragement, he resumed his trek and became a winner alongside Nick Radner and Seth Lueker.

Paul Preece is Inspiring Others With His Skills

Presently based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Paul Preece seems to enjoy his life to the fullest. The reality TV star has been working for FLSmidth and became the Technical Sales Director within the organization in May 2018. As many show fans might know, Paul has a daughter he considers dear to his heart. In fact, the young girl was the reason why he worked so hard to become a winner. We are confident that the victory would have made her very proud of her father. Besides, Paul has an adorable dog named Zena, whom he adores very much.

As it turns out, Paul’s love for everything outdoors started at a very young age when he would hunt to gather meat for his family. He continues the tradition by bringing in fresh games for his loved ones to eat. The Netflix star is well-known for his professional-level skills in hunting and fishing. He also takes great joy in teaching aspiring survivalists his trade secrets. Additionally, it is common for Paul to accompany veterans during whitetail bowhunting expeditions.

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