Why Did Brian Kahrs Leave Outlast? Where is He Now?

When one talks about survival shows, few are as good as Netflix’s ‘Outlast.’ The show captured the viewers’ attention as soon as it premiered, thanks to its abundance of drama and thrill. Of course, the reality show would be nothing without its participants, who are always eager to do whatever they can to emerge victorious. Albeit, there are a few people who leave the show midway due to various reasons. This includes Brian Kahrs from season 1 though his reason for exiting vastly differed from most others. We are sure you are eager to know why he left the competition and his current whereabouts. Luckily, we are here to share what we know about the same!

Why Did Brian Kahrs Leave Outlast?

At 59, Brian Kahrs was the oldest among the participants of season 1 of the Netflix show. However, his age was hardly a hindrance when it came to surviving the in the wild. Soon after entering the show, Brian became a member of Bravo Camp alongside Javier Colón, Timothy “Tim” Spears, and Corey Johnson. As the team tried to find shelter and rest on their first night, Javier tried to take charge as much as possible, which amused and irritated his teammates.

Given that Bravo Camp could not start a fire on their first night, Javier’s teammates were unhappy with him, yet Brian seemed less upset than the others. Shortly afterward, the former did get a fire going, but his behavior pattern continued, which irked Tim and Corey. Ultimately, the two decided to leave as they did not feel they could stay much longer in the Alaskan wilderness, especially under Javier’s “micromanaging.”

Now down to two, Brian and Javier tried their best to soldier on and made the best of their situation. Both got to know each other better and quickly found the dynamic that worked best for them. They also allied with Alpha Camp, which helped them get a crab pot even though Brian had been unable to reach the required island using their raft. However, Bravo Camp soon realized the alliance might not be what they wanted.

Alpha Camp approached Brian and Javier and told them their plans to cross the river and steal things from the other two camps. This stunned the two men as they were uncomfortable with the idea. Regardless, their allies stole all three sleeping bags from Delta Camp, which caused quite a commotion. Horrified by these actions, Brian could not fathom how someone could do something like this, given the harsh conditions they were living in.

Early morning after the theft, Brian woke up and shot his flare gun. This was because he realized that the only way of winning the competition was indulging in tactics that he found “disgusting.” Consequently, he chose to exit the show. Before leaving, Brian did not discuss his decision with Javier as he felt that his teammate would have been able to convince him to stay. He did send him a letter explaining his reasons and apologizing that he left without saying a proper goodbye.

Brian Kahrs is Focusing on His Fitness Today

Based in Holiday, Florida, Brian was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Long Island. As a young child, he was highly interested in arts and sports. The reality TV star even decided to start weightlifting to become fitter. Brian’s work seems to have paid off now that he works as an actor. In fact, you may have seen him in projects like ‘Noxious’ and ‘Souleater.’ In addition, the Netflix star is scheduled to appear in ‘Into the Limelight.’

Brian seems to enjoy spending time outdoors and trying his survival skills to the test whenever possible. He is pretty regular about his fitness and can often be seen at the gym to maintain his physique. More than anything, Brian seems to adore his family and never misses a chance to spend time with them. Whether it is a simple outing to the grocery store with his wife, a reunion with his brother, or his stepdaughter’s wedding, the reality TV star always enjoys the events and the company with an endearing smile on his face.

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