Page Turner: The HGTV Star Once Dated Her Co-Host DeRon Jenkins

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HGTV’s ‘Fix My Flip’ star Page Turner is a messiah for Southern California’s almost doomed flippers. Page and her team take over their projects, renovating them for a profit-share and getting them back in the race of flippers. After proving her mettle on the HGTV reality show ‘Flip or Flop Nashville,’ the house-flipping expert also served as a guest judge on ‘Rock The Block.’ She is adored for her charismatic persona and in-depth knowledge of her industry which catapulted Page to success. If you wish to learn more about her story, then here’s all you need to know.

Page Turner’s Ethnicity and Roots: Los Angeles Native

Page Turner is a 49-year-old established TV personality, entrepreneur, and proud mother of three daughters. Her hometown is in Los Angeles, and she attended Notre Dame Academy Girls High School. Page loves to help people by using her sound knowledge in various fields. The inner Californian in her enjoys spending time in nature by either hiking or going to the beach.

‘The Walking Dead’ is one of her favorite series, and the characters of Rick and Michonne inspire her. Moreover, she’s a fitness enthusiast who enjoys weight training and boxing, so she’s more than ready for an apocalypse! Her personal philosophy entails executing first and seeing the results later, or in her words, “Do the work, see the fruit.” Her mother, Patricia Turner, recognized her inner talents far before she was aware of them. Page was enrolled in an acting class by her mother, which didn’t quite work out for her, but today, she’s natural while facing the camera.

Both her parents have been entrepreneurs, so she’s had amazing role models from the get-go. However, they faced equally dark times after Page’s father passed away when she was 8. Her mother survived breast cancer and lives a fulfilling now.

Page Turner’s Profession

Page’s career is successful and long-running; so far, she has 100+ flips and sold properties worth millions of dollars. The estate broker and house-flipping agent previously owned a brokerage agency with 40 agents working under her. Page was also working with Magic Johnson, the former professional basketball player for six years. Surrounding herself with prosperous self-made entrepreneurs motivated her to aim higher and become a go-getter.

She also believes in inspiring women to do better, and in her pursuit to do so, she authored a book titled, ‘The G.O. Life: Seize Your Greatest Opportunity.’ In the book, she shares her experience and provides tools to women who want to strive to accomplish something great in their lives. Moreover, she’s a certified personal trainer who helps people to reclaim a healthy lifestyle. She is also the co-owner of The JoPa Life, a fitness clothing brand for women that empowers them to embrace their imperfections.

Her reality T.V. journey began with ‘Flip or Flap Nashville’ which she co-hosted with DeRon Jenkins. The duo flipped properties together to get the best return on their investments. She was also a guest judge in ‘Rock The Block,’ where designers with limited budgets renovated homes using their creative prowess to have the highest appraisal. Needless to say, her prior experience as a realtor tremendously helped her in these shows and made her the star she is today. Now, Page is the host and executive producer of ‘Fix My Flip,’ and is actively recruiting realtors to start a cloud-based brokerage.

Page Turner’s Past Relationship

One of the reasons her first show ‘Flip or Flab Nashville’ skyrocketed in views was the dynamic she had with her co-host. The duo was undoubtedly brilliant at their jobs, but they also shared a romantic past that piqued the audience’s interest.

DeRon Jenkins (a former NFL player) and Page met before 2008 when he was working on a property as a home builder, and she was showcasing it to a potential buyer. Their partnership was only limited to business before, but soon, the two started dating and broke up after five years.

In an interview, the couple revealed there was no bad blood between the two, and they continue to remain good friends who share a healthy professional relationship. Page commented, “We dated for a long time, but we still remained friends. So, that’s, I think, the big difference. We didn’t have this huge blow-up where we just stopped speaking and all that drama. We still work together well and make money.”

Page Turner’s Kids

With all her professional triumphs, her proudest achievement is still raising three beautiful daughters, Quincy, Qai, and Zaire. As per reports, Quincy Alexis is in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in modeling. Qai, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, is currently exploring new cities and people and living her best life. At the same time, Zaire is happily married to Dr. Rodney Moses after dating him for four years.

In May 2020, Page posted on her Instagram and penned a sweet caption praising her brilliant and beautiful daughters. She said, “ Without knowing, my babies pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. Their presence tested my will and my strength and stretched my faith. They ‘grew me up’ and showed me what real love is. My triple blessings. My triple threats. There’s nothing we can’t do together. And we’ve proven that.”

Page Turner is Keeping Her Dating Life Private

Page Turner has kept her dating life under wraps, and one can speculate that she is currently single or simply exploring what’s out there. We hope she founds a partner who is equally successful, shares similar values, and motivates her to do even better. She is an inspiration to many women who dream big and want to break into the reality TV scene or a male-dominated field. She is a force to be reckoned with, and we love her fierce approach!

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