Patty James Net Worth: How Rich is Matt James’ Mom?

Image Credit: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Among the various participants that appeared in ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ Patty James easily emerged as one of the fan favorites even before the start of the show’s first season. One of the main reasons behind this might be her role as the mother of Matt James, the star of ‘The Bachelor’ season 25. Additionally, her professional achievements have also helped her gain some fame, with several people wondering just how rich the reality TV star is. Well, here is what we know about the same!

How Did Patty James Earn Her M0ney?

Apart from being a single mother to her two sons, Patty James has also established herself as a respectable professional woman. Though she shared with the showrunners that she had retired from her career as a real estate agent by the time she came on the show, it does not seem like she had left the field entirely. Her stellar work can perhaps be traced back to her dedicated nature, which she exhibited even when studying at North Carolina State University in order to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

While she was still a student, Patty took part in Athletics and worked at on-campus chemistry labs. She also helped out at the Hill Library and was a part-time clothing salesperson at Ellisbergs in Cameron Village/Village District in North Carolina. The mother of ‘The Bachelor‘ star is also a graduate of Fonville Morisey School of Real Estate, where she learned to be a Broker and understood the intricacies of North Carolina’s real estate industry.

From November 2014 to July 2016, Patty was working with Daymark Realty LLC as a Real Estate Broker. She then joined Lennar Homes Raleigh/Durham in October 2018 and continues to work for them as a New Home Sales Consultant. She is seemingly also an active worker at Fendol Farms, home to Active Adult Community in Durham, North Carolina. Her participation in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ has also earned her much praise, though she had previously appeared in the franchise when her son was the star of the 25th season of ‘The Bachelor.’

Patty James’ Net Worth

Given Patty James’ long-term association with the North Carolina real estate industry, one must pay close attention to her experience and current status to understand just how rich the reality TV star is. The average earnings of a consultant in North Carolina is about $80,000. While realtors can make around $100,000, it is also a profession that Patty has retired from. Keeping these figures in mind, we estimate Patty James’ net worth to be around $500,000.

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