Pirate Gold of Adak Island: Where Are They Now?

As a reality docuseries that centers around an elite team as they attempt to discover a century-old treasure buried among the Alaskan wilderness, ‘Pirate Gold of Adak Island‘ is simply captivating. That’s not only because these prized riches are gold coins potentially worth over $365 million but also because the expedition squad members are all specialized experts in one field or another. So now that we’ve seen the nearly seamless way they worked together throughout their initial hunt for pirate Captain Gregory Dwargstof’s trove, let’s find out more about their current standing, shall we?

Where is Thom Spitler Now?

Thomas “Thom” Spitler has been an Adak resident his entire life, which means he has seen it through thick and thin in every sense of the phrase. In fact, he has seemingly been working to better his home for years, whether by being a part of the search-rescue team or by helming the unexploded ordinance cleanup project as a bomb disposal expert. That’s why he decided to become the Mayor when the opportunity arose over a decade ago — he hopes “to turn this place around” for good.

“There’s 45 other people who call this place their home,” he said in the production. “There’s no way in hell this town is going to die on my watch. It’s why we’re looking for this treasure. Finding the gold would help us fix up a lot of the falling down infrastructure and reinvigorate the economy. That would help bring people back in.” He thus continues to serve as the Mayor while also preferring to stay well away from the public limelight. Though we should mention his term will expire in October 2022.

Where is Brian Weed Now?


Technologist Brian Weed first developed an interest in exploration when he was just 12, thanks to his father’s work in the transportation department of Douglas Island, and it has never once wavered. He actually eventually evolved into a jack-of-all-trades as a cave explorer, treasure hunter, historian, and technology enthusiast, proving his worth by uncovering troves across the state.

Therefore, the Juneau native currently serves as not only an Alaskan traveler, ROV pilot, and photographer, but he’s also the co-founder of Alaska’s Hidden History (established in 2014 as Juneau’s Hidden History). As if that’s not enough, Brian’s expertise is often sought in other matters as well, even if they concern a missing person’s case or discoveries made by different professionals.

Where is Dr. M Jackson Now?

With a doctorate from the University of Oregon, a three-time US Fulbright Fellow, a former Peace Corps volunteer, and a 2018 TED Fellow, Dr. M Jackson is a scientist through and through. She has even spent time in Turkey, Iceland, and Zambia over the years for work, making it clear that the way she examines landscapes to learn their secrets is based on much more than just bookish knowledge.

The Eugene, Oregon, local hence presently holds the titles of geographer, glaciologist, National Geographic Society Explorer, author, and recent mother. From giving several TED talks to penning well-received science books such as ‘The Secret Lives of Glaciers’ as well as ‘While Glaciers Slept,’ Dr. M has done it all. As for her family life, she seems perfectly content at the moment, especially as she welcomed her first child, a son named John Finnegan Jackson Marshall (Finn for short), with her husband Jon Marshall on February 15, 2022.

Where is Jay Toomoth Now?

Having grown up in Adak, listening to tales of his grandfather being there when the first can of pirate Dwargstof’s gold was recovered in the 1940s, Jay Toomoth fell in love with treasure hunting at an early age. He ultimately did move away to serve the nation and then pursued different endeavors, yet since the legend was always in the back of his mind, he jumped at the chance to look for the gold again when approached.

The fabricator believed he’d regret not returning to Adak if he said no, and he now wholeheartedly knows he made the right decision. Coming to his current standing, Jay is a professional treasure seeker, miner, voice actor, content creator, designer, drone pilot, and business owner based in Tacoma, Washington. More importantly, the veteran is a proud family man — he’s a husband and a father of two adult daughters.

Where is Burke Mitchell Now?

Like his high school friend Jay, Burke Mitchell got immersed in the idea of finding the gold coins at an early age despite the no digging rule by the Navy because Adak was an active base at the time. However, in the Netflix original, he conceded, “Jay and I didn’t give a crap. If it was dark, we had a shovel in the dirt” — a sign of their determination that hasn’t changed even today.

From what we can tell, the heavy equipment specialist has since settled down in Nevada, where he serves as a hunter, “seeker,” “wonderer,” and “history enthusiast” whose love for nature as well as Adak is simply undeniable. He’s a happy, healthy, proud family man as well, often spending his days either surrounded by his loved ones at home or spending quality time amidst the wilderness.

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